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Friday, October 2, 2015

Day 3

There are three reasons people work here.
1. Insurance
2. Free tuition
4. Retirement

They claim to like their jobs but they don't love ther jobs.
The problem is that the school is run by the Human Resources department who all appear to be super nice people but...
There has been a huge turnover in long term employees in the last few years.
Benefits have changed, the insurance is not that good, pay is not that great for anyone who does real work.
Supposedly an effencency expert was hired in upper management to "improve" things and of course the "old hairs had to go."
I also got the lowdown on office politics today. And I discovered I just don't care. Eating lunch alone today.
Think I'll now go hang out with the Hispanics. They are happy.
Gonna get the one talking about the Pope visit.


  1. I was near 60, had grey hair and was a long term (27 year) employee. One becomes a target. Culturally it does seem that Hispanic workers are happy to have a job and some cash. The rest of us complain about having a job and not enough cash. This is a learning opportunity.

    1. 1. I just want to get through the day with minimum complaints about my job skills.
      2. I do not want to get carried away with negative talk. I need happy talk.
      3. I have to talk about work but would rather talk about interests outside of work.

  2. damn, son, that is an old school lunch box! nicely done. so... what'd they say about the Pope?

    1. I didn't think much about the lunch box, It had a lunch in it and I took it. I got numerous comments on the lunch box.
      There was a misunderstanding about the Pope, it turned into a discussion about "missionaries" who come to the door. My Hispanic friend likes to "reason" with them.


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