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Sunday, November 8, 2015

I have yet to get fired

I've been at my job for a month. It keeps me pretty busy. Working 8 to 5 pretty much kills your 12 hour day in the winter. If I were a better manager I could do it. However, I don't have the mental discipline to work for two hours before going to work for someone else. Coming home and going to work is not as difficult, but I have learned if I ever sit down for dinner then I get nothing else done.
I had a nice conversation with the older Hispanic worker. He says the key is to never go in the house. You come home and go straight to work, otherwise you want to talk to your wife, have dinner, sit in the chair.
He is a pretty interesting fellow. He is older than I. He is selling Amway. He has a huge garden at home. He likes to talk about growing peppers and tomatoes and Garbanzo beans. (Chick Peas). I like to watch his expression when he gets told to do something he is already doing or given extra work. His english is really hard to understand. I like him.
The job itself is somewhat of a mental adjustment. I don't always get it. For example, I don't get the point of mowing every week even if it is raining. We are just making lines.
Last week I was bored and I made a serpentine pattern on the lawn. I mostly did it to annoy the fellow who used to have my job and moved up to painting. He was in a heated building wearing short pants and I was freezing.
I picked an area that you could only see if you were at the right angle. Friday my boss asked to see me. He acted like I was in trouble, but I think it was a joke. He had taken a photo of my pattern with his cell phone. I actually do not know if I was in trouble or not.
It is a matter of pride to be able to make perfectly straight lines with your mower. I was cautioned many times not to drive in circles. In fact, I think the biggest concern when hiring me was not my utter lack of groundskeeping experience but rather a fear that farmers drive in circles.
But of course, row crop farmers drive back and forth. So do grass seed farmers in our area.

In other news...
I have not been posting as my phone died. I have not photos to go with my posts. And, I've been trying to get stuff done.

In other, other news...
Things that irritate me that could be a whole post by itself:
1. The hypocrisy over paying homage to Native Americans as mascots for sport teams.
It is my opinion that the goal is to remove any pride from the heritage of the Native Americans. The successful political effort to eliminate our national empathy and respect for the brave Indian Warrior who resisted the US Gubment against all odds will forever cast the Native American as a victim.
Essentially all it has done is change the stereotype of "Blanket Ass" to "Casino Indian" as an object of derision by the locals.
People don't name sports teams after cowards, dishonest groups, drunks, or people who are in anyway pathetic. To claim that having a sports team named after you is a negative racial stereotype that subjects you to racial harassment shows one of two things. Either you have no concept of what sports competition means to people in the USA, or you are an idiot.
Victimhood is not a virtue, it is just pathetic...

2. Ben Carson... I suspect Ben is in for a rude awakening. Conservatives were so desperate for someone to stand up and say, "pull your pants up and go to work," that when Carson gave the speech he suddenly became a hero.  When you are a basically honest person you forget that you have to be able to completely back up everything you say. You know your would never purposely lie. But... you cannot just go completely off of old memories. You have to fact check the memory.
For example, my friend tells a story about cruising in High School with me. This fellow was getting ready cross the street. He looked nervous. When he started across the street I floored the car it was driving. This startled the fellow. It was funny or crazy depending on how you tell the story.
I remember it as funny, because I was driving a Ford Pinto and the fellow was in no danger and he laughed when he saw the car. My friend remembers it as me driving a 1965 Pontiac GTO. That makes me slightly homicidal.
The goal is to smear Ben Carson. The progressives hate him because he tells them to go to work. The established politicians hate him because he is not one of them. The left in general hates him because he is a Christian and hating Christians is the key any questions of policy by our modern intelligentsia.
So... The Clever folks are purposely misunderstanding commonly known but not specifically defined concepts and using smear journalism techniques to make him sound dishonest. This works like a charm as we are conditioned to believe that everyone has a secret sin. Which is not necessarly true. This is a popular lie along the lines of "the Bible is purposely written so there can be different interpretations."
But, I digress...
No Carson did not apply to West Point. He never said he did. He was encouraged to accept the offer of an appointment if the appointment would be offered but the appointment was not offered because he said he was not interested. Appointment and Scholarship are used interchangeably in common usage in regarding West Point. It took about five minutes for me to figure this out.
However, I think he should have fact checked his book a little closer. But then again, did he plan on running for President when he wrote it.
If I ever ran for president they would have a field day with me. I'm a little loony myself...
Have a nice day...
I'm not going back and proofreading this...
Thanks for the condolences regarding the passing of my father. I think he is a lot better off this month than he was at this point last month.


  1. Yet another meaningless comment. But somewhat interesting.
    Not a GTO or a Caddi.....
    Geronimo and his associates at the 101 Ranch taking a drive in a 1904* Locomobile Model C..
    He probably drove in circles too.

    1. The above not referring to your post, but rather to my own comment.Case you wondered. I have never mowed a straight line on my lawn.

  2. Good to see your post. I'm generally feeling disagreeable for thank you for the prompts. If you named your football team the Trumps you'd be sued immediately. Using Native American names lacks respect. Ben Carson's story is great...but he should do what he's good at. The Christian vote brought us George W. Bush. Carson would be a step backward from that. I suspect that increasing review will show his memoirs to be in the spirit of historical novels...some truth...and some other stuff. Regarding mowing: I believe that a combination of circles and rows is best, especially besting the symmetry of it all by not alternating direction on each pass. If you replace your phone I recommend Duolingo for learning Spanish. While English is the language of this great country we're all going to have to up the personal and nation bar and be bi-lingual. My mother died a couple of years ago and I know she's better off. The last few months and years can be a real struggle. At peace, at rest, is good.

  3. The new job sounds interesting. Maybe the pattern we choose to cut grass reflects on our personality. My yard is cut at random in big and ever increasing half circles sometimes. So what does that say about me I wonder?

  4. good to see you back. i look forward to your op-ed on the whole Starbucks cup controversy.
    note: i like the cups and i've never looked to them to shore up christmas - other than making a lot of money as a retailer.

  5. Happy to see people still read this.

    1. are you kidding? we all stand around and wonder what has happened next. keep up the posts!

  6. Yeah! What has happened lately? A well respected man in my life suggested that mowing in a circle from the center out is the most efficient way to mow. I have done it numerous times since then. It is a fun challenge to figure out the middle of a soccer field (off season) and do it in a oval/rectangular fashion; seeing where you end up as to how close you were to center. Mowing in circles provides variety in my life. Thank you for your thoughts as posted. I tend to agree; We don't name a building out of disrespect. Madison Hall is named for a great man of God from my college's history. The KC Chiefs are named for "warriors who command respect throughout history" (my take on it). The establishment (whoever "they" are)will probably never let in a true Christian President; too many morals and values that would screw up the down hill slide they have America in.

    1. I will try starting in the center.
      Agree with everything you said!

  7. You've also got to wonder about the folks who think a lyrical graduation speech concerning the Egyptian pyramids and the Biblical story of Joseph that Ben Carson gave 17 years ago at a Christian university betrays a faulty capacity for reasoning (it does, just not his).


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