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Saturday, November 21, 2015

A sunny saturday

My father-in-law is dying.
It's ok, he is 92 years old.
In the last week he has declined considerably.
It goes in cycles, bad to better to worse to not as good.
Today he can talk but can't walk and no longer can make it to the bathroom.
We spent the morning changing his bedroom around for easier access.
We parked him in his wheelchair in th living room in front of the TV.
While we were moving the bed he decided to get into the recliner.
He ended up flat on the floor.
Nothing broke.
If I ran an insurance company or a gubment program which encourages home Healthcare I would provide training (and probably require training) for family members, (and give incentives) on basic things.
Like how to lift people, change a diaper in bed, change sheets with person in bed, what to do when he dies, just basic stuff.
Some help is given but I'd like to be a bit more confident.
For example lifting someone off the floor is hard and is almost impossibly unless you know the procedure.
Also, there is always a police investigation when someone dies. Might as well just call 911 and tell them it is not a big hurry. Then get your list of medicine and a statement figured out. Or at least that seems like a decent plan.
Hospice is coming tomorrow, guess I'll have some questions.
In other news, I'm attempting to make feed, everything is a mess, nothing will start, and the tarps leaked. I should have been working after work.
It's all kind of depressing.


  1. I agree on the depressing situation. But the sun shining does help. And the old saying, "this too shall pass".

  2. Ralph is right, though I know it's of little comfort right now.

  3. Ralph & Gorges speak the truth.
    My sympathy's
    Good point about the training. Probably never happen though, it makes too much sense.

  4. End of life is difficult emotionally and physically for all involved. You just have to let as much of everything else go as you can and be there for the person leaving. On a very practical note you have to be careful, too, and not hurt oneself (e.g. lifting off the floor) regardless of how strong and fit you may be; as you said, it's just very difficult.

  5. I am sorry. And I have been there. And about to be there again. So I know there is light coming for you. I am also a prayer warrior, and I prayed for you. I hope your days go more smoothly. It's very satisfying to at least get some tasks crossed off your to-do list, I know, and it seems like when you can't even do that, the whole day just goes down the drain. I hope it gets better. And bless you for caring for another, not everyone is up for it.


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