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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Undeniable Virtue of the Oppressed file, Kid makes fake bomb, cops freak, kid has lobbyist group behind him, gets invited the White House, just a good thing he didn't say "bang!"

The Useful idiots on Facebook are out in full cry today.
No one has actually read the news reports.
This is a perfect example of stupid people being manipulated by propaganda news sources.
So here's the deal.
A kid in Texas makes a digital clock/count down timer "for his technology teacher."
The teacher tells him to not show it around because it might get him into trouble...
This is the paranoid 21st century. No one but an idiot or an activist would bring something to school that looks like a gun or a bomb.
This so-called clock looks like a movie time bomb. It has a big LED readout and wire sticking out of a suitcase. 
According to some news reports the kid takes it to the next class and it starts beeping. (Movie bomb always beep)
So of course, the cops are called and he gets handcuffed and hauled off.
But this kid is of a special class and has access to an "advocacy group," which cranks out the press releases and spin and now he is a poor oppressed minority who is hated by white people.
And the only thing the President likes better than a gay football player is an oppressed Islamic kid.
The liberals all love the Islamics because the liberals all hate themselves and since the Islamics are so scary they love them. 
And we get Facebook post after Facebook post about the oppressed boy genius. If it was a poor white kid or black kid they would be in jail. 
People are such idiots. We got people believing every outlandish conspiracy theory anyone can possibly dream up and you get basic obvious old school Pravda reporting and you repost it all over Facebook.

Note: I don't think he should have been expelled nor do I think kids who point fingers and say "bang" should get expelled, or kids with plastic knives in their lunch boxes. Rather, my point is that all of those issues are ignored and this incident is turned into an example of the oppression of a "favored" social class rather than example of stupid rules.


  1. I wonder if they will let him bring his "clock" into the White House.

  2. The big question is: Will he bring his "clock" with him when he visits the Pres., and will the SS open it up to check it out? Maybe not, they wouldn't want to embarrass him again. PS, I believe the cops called it a bomb hoax.


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