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Sunday, September 20, 2015

The events of the week in living color

I am at my daughters softball game. The deal was, softball on Sunday morning then no skipping evening church services.
Lulu steals home!

Goals are good things to have. 
Today may be my birthday.
Next year I'll be a full deck.
We have been getting ready to chop silage.
The dump wagon rusted out last year. I decided to fix it the rain Wednesday.
Finished welding in new bottom Friday.
I'm very happy to not be the person doing the welding.

For various reasons we rented corn ground to a friend. Various plans went wrong and we ended up with to many acres of silage for our neighboring dairy. So it was sold to a big dairy who hired a real silage chopping crew.
One truck didn't make it up the hill. He tried to shift down, missed shift and slid backward so trailer wheels started over the edge.

I had to put the 2-155 alongside and pull trailer wheels up while the owner pulled truck up hill with JCB fastrack.
It was exciting when I ran out of a place to go forward.
This was first attempt. I'm not pictured.


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  1. Sometimes, you just have to take your entertainment where you find it. Happy maybe birthday.


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