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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A short rant about the "pressure" put on the Gibson Guitar Company

They were talking about the raid on the Gibson Guitar factor on NPR this afternoon.
I heard about the raid on Gibson Guitar's Less Paul factor a few days ago. The official reason is that they were using a rare and endangered wood and knowingly broke the law. The real reason is probably that they are nonunion and owned by a couple guys who donate to conservative causes. What seemed to have happened is that Gibson did not have all the correct documentation. You see, in the Owellian age, you have to have a paper trail to prove that you don't have banned material-the government doesn't have to prove you have it, you prove you don't. The law is so broad as to make every guitar made before something like 1990 illegal. A guy asked for information on how to import antique piano's and he had his piano's stolen by the government and faced felony charges.
The government raided Gibson Guitar. Meaning, they didn't send them a letter, nor did an agent show up and ask for an inspection. Nope, armed officers! Apparently there were no Amish folks selling raw milk and a guitar factory was the next highest priority.
Of course gun dealers can be forced to sell guns to illegal buyers and when those guns are used to commit crimes in Mexico it is all an honest mistake. I suppose the government would not actually raid itself...
The really frightening thing about his all is that there is no perspective on this. Those agents thought they were doing the right thing. They were all convinced of their own total self worth. They were following procedure. No one stopped and said this is insane. We could just send one guy down there and handle this whole thing.
It is like the old guy from Costa Rica my friend was helping get to the USA for a visit. He waited in line for two days and then when he gets his interview they find out he was a commie in the 1950's. They wouldn't let him in on a tourist visa.
Commie's are totally irrelevant today...
Meanwhile, anyone can just walk across the border from Mexico. Of course as an employer it is my responsibility to verify them when I want to hire them. Anything to keep em on the government support!


  1. People like those officers shouldn't even be allowed to carry guns.

  2. Gorges, I wonder how much is done for effect. Like the blue latex gloves cops wear or the tinted safety sunglasses they all wear. The guns, gloves, glasses, make the officers more imposing and makes a clear definition between "us and them." Them being the peasants which need to be put in line. I don't see why what is essentially code enforcement needs a gun. Although, the Gibson workers should have been angry. There go their jobs over nothing...

  3. "The US has literally devolved into an unbridled police state where the federal government freely raids companies, arrests innocent individuals, and performs other acts of domestic terrorism for absolutely no reason at all. The enemies of freedom that now run our government presume guilt rather than innocence, and they deny the constitutional protocols of due process that they are tasked with upholding in the process." Ethan A. Huff-The Natural News


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