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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The non-condensed version

I quit early tonight. I have something like 1000 bales to stack but the field is unbelievably rough and the alternator belt was slipping. The alternator belt also drives the water pump and if the belt breaks you have to remove the master hydraulic pump that runs everything on the stacker.
Plus, it the voltage gets below 13 volts the computer starts screwing up and double counts bales or something and messes up the stacks.
It should not have been a big deal to tighten the belt. I am only a mile from home. I made about five trips home today anyway to solve various stupid problems that really did not require my assistance...
I pulled the stacker up to the shop to discover a so much crap in the way that I could not get anywhere near a light.
There was a creeper, an air wrench, the broken rake teeth I forgot and left there Saturday, cardboard, chaff out of the combine and just plain crap. I attempted to get to the electric cord but my path was blocked by a pile of pop cans that I had picked up about five times previously.
So I got a big scoop shovel and just started throwing stuff in the trash. If it is not worth enough to pick up off the ground then we don't really need it.
Of course the rake was backed in at a funny angle because the person who was working on the rake would not pick up ANYTHING that he didn't actually remember leaving. I suppose that is what irritated me the most. So what if I forgot the rake teeth? Or someone left the air wrench out. Why would you go get another air wrench just to avoid picking up the one that got left out. It ALL PAYS THE SAME!!!
When I moved the rake I ran over a bucket of used motor oil. Why would there be a bucket of used motor oil in the way? The used oil drum is only a 100 feet away?
I just said screw it all, shut down the irrigation as I can't remember if the time clock works and i don't want to find out tonight and I'm going to bed.
I kind of miss a couple years ago when I could go home but now I live here and this is "home" so perhaps I'll have sweet dreams of huge magnet cranes and big bulldozers...


  1. Here's hoping for sweet dreams then!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. We could bring my traxcavater over & load junk, then load the cat on its way to the scrapyard. The problem is getting a trailer big enough to haul it. Sad, but it would probably bring the most as scrap.
    (The author can't spell very well)


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