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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The last of MuddyValley's hay...

Cut the price by $70 per ton. It went to Canada! Who would have thunk...
Started at 4:50 am to beat the heat and so driver could beat the traffic in "stupid town." (Seattle)
A regular truck hauls eight blocks made up of 56 bales per block. Somehow this fellow squeezed in 11 bocks. Not quite sure how. Those Canadians are resourceful folks, eh Ralph?


  1. Resourceful, desperate or something. I don't know but hay might be in demand up here if we do not get some significant rain soon. Too late for a good hay crop already but there will be enough for my little herd. (I think).

    1. The logistics of hay distribution? By the time hay gets to where it is really needed the shipping costs more than the hay.

  2. So the broker made the extra 3 grand?

  3. great work! and look at that blue sky!

    1. A beautiful day and over 90 degrees they tell me.


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