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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Talking oneself into going to work

I've been sitting in this chair for 25 minutes... I gotta go...
Last night I baked a log with the NH BC5070 small baler. Broke shear pins I didn't know it had.
The center knotter quit on the hessto 4690. It needs new knife arm, bill hook, bill hook pinion, twine disk, twine disk pinion. That's gotta be a couple hundred or more.
Of course my neighbor has also been baling steady with two balers and I have to get him caught up.
Not feeling the energy this morning, crappy hay that won't sell, antique farm equipment.
My daughter and nephews are taking a tractor safety class at the high school.
The instructor was roll over protection requirements on tractors post 1983.
She said her cousins looked at her and they just started laughing... Nothing on this farm is post 1983!
I'm going to have her as about hand clutches today.


  1. Probably no seat belt or park interlockout safety either. I don't know how we survived without all that safety stuff.

  2. The good news is that when TSHTF, you will have more chance of continuing to grow that food I will be needing. I don't know how you will get it to me though.

    Get to work. The children need to eat. The taxes need to be paid and keep in mind that we teachers are paid by your taxes and I am off for the summer.

    I continue to be thankful for people like you that have real jobs.

    Grace and peace.

    1. We can't store more than 1500 gallons of diesel without new fuel tanks and the irrigation pump runs on electricity so probably shouldn't count on any food from us farmers when the peanut butter hits the fan, as they used to say in the "Judge Parker," comic strip.
      Also, I think I'd rather just send you money directly rather than paying the government. Can I get your address so I can ship you a bale of hay and a bag of flax seed?

    2. It sounds like you are suggesting that I get my hands dirty with real work instead of lining up at the public pig trough for my paycheck. You would probably send it COD.

      Grace and peace

    3. Not saying you don't get your hands dirty. Someone has to program our kids!

  3. Replies
    1. Now that is a funny comment because the youngest boy is too young for tractor safety class. He is home running all the tractors while the older kids are "learning how to use them."

  4. safety just gets in the way of production, same with brakes


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