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Sunday, June 21, 2015

On schedule, crappy hay, random comments

As par the course...
The New Holland 1411 disc mower scattered yesterday afternoon. Scattered and caught the field on fire. When there is danger of fire in your hay field you know it might be just a tad on the ripe side.
The constant velocity driveline came apart. I checked it before he left to mow. He said he noticed a vibration and shut it down to check the vibration out. Did not see a problem. Started it up again and it flew apart.
Glad I was not there. "Hey, start it up and I'll watched it," were the his last words before being impaled by a flying chunk of hay mower...
Busted the shaft off the gearbox as well.
Naturally, there is no New Holland dealer that actually stocks this stuff, even though this a current model of mower, and it will be at least three days away when I order it Monday.
That will be a couple grand in parts.
My Aunt died. She had dementia pretty bad.
The neighbor I stack hay for offered me his mower Monday. If I take it I will have to admit that I stacked all his hay instead of doing my own hay and he will realize mine is kind of over ripe and I won't be able to talk him into buying my hay. If he sees it in the bale it will look fine. If he sees the field before I cut it I'll get a comment about getting stuff done.
I'm not a good manager.
I also broke the baler. I can see the broken bolt but I think I will have to disassemble the whole front of the baler to get a drill in to drill the bolt out. Need a right angle 1/2" drill.
While everything was going wrong I was having a nice chat with the retried gentleman whose daughter talked me into cutting their field of hay.
The hay was not too bad and the fellow likes to chat.
His daughter used to get the Daily Strumpet newsletter and he read it cover to cover. He would like it to be revived. Back in the day, I didn't think he really liked me.

In the news...
I looked at the Daily Mail this morning...
The Bitcoin guy got life in prison. That is pretty much the way our justice system works. Absolutely no intelligence and no perspective.
-A couple points: The Dread Pirate Roberts comes from the movie, "The Princess Bride." It is a key point in the movie that Dread Pirate Roberts not always the same person. The title is passed from one person to another and the image of the Dread Pirate is more than reality.
-The Feds claim he tried to hire a hitman to get rid of a drug selling rival. That is a pretty typical sting by the Feds. Probably a set up. Feds will try to set you up to rack up the charges. Talk you into a crime so they can bust you. Like packing a van full of something and parking it under a great public building...
-He is supposed to have made millions but yet he doesn't appear to have millions.
-He was supposed to be the Dread Pirate Roberts
-He was doing computer stuff. No one in LE understands computer stuff.
-The gubment just made up a bunch of crap and pinned it on the guy with the least resources to defend himself. Dread Pirate R may or may not still exist and may never have existed. But we have headlines that show that folks in da gubment are "ciber experts"
All the real experts are either working for Google or hacking your credit cards and blaming it on North Korea...

The crazy guy who shot up the Church.
I first suspected the gubment mind control projects but he didn't really just snap and then not seem to understand what he did. Perhaps they "groomed him"
I really see no reason for him to target the Church other than to further the anti-gun, white vs blacks, vilification of the Confederacy, agenda of the clever folks who run everything.
Plus, he had black friends.
It is predictable and frustrating that the blame is placed on "racist websites," guns, the battle flag of the confederacy. All of those things should be banned.
-There is no safety valves in our society. You can't go over the rocky mountains, go to the New World, can't drive fast, can't blow up old refrigerators, can't tell racist jokes, can't get a good job. But, you can take widely available prescription drugs and the value on human life is so small that it is but a small step from the disliking the Negro to shooting up a church.
I don't understand it.
We constantly devalue human life, drone strikes, torture, endless war, graphic movie and TV violence, crazy Islamic beheadings, video games, cops shoot everybody in sight (accidentally) and then we laugh at Christianity which values the individual human soul. People are not programmed as children with values not to kill, not to steal, not to lie. And when rules of society are broken there is no redemption from sin.
-There is no leadership in our society. The crazy shooter needed a group to belong to. He thought he was a hero and standing up the the white race. Instead he provided the clever folks with the opportunity to tighten the screws just a little more.
-The crazy shooter was left on his own to find an answer to real issues. Now it is just "racism" and his  points will not be addressed.
-If there was an opposition group with actual leadership, whose first response was not Mitt's, "take down this Flag, South Carolina," then crazy nuts with more passion then sense could be guided into reasonable forms of protest.
I suspect that White vs Black issues are inflamed to keep us from coming together and developing real political power. I doubt that Black Folks are any more happy about their young people turning to crime than White Folks are thrilled with tattooed nutcase white tweeter kids stealing everything that isn't nailed down and then having spectacular car crashes.
I get into a lot of conversations selling hay and everyone is frustrated. We are not a nation of leaders. Every single organization is run by idiots. Sensible leadership is an exception rather than the rule...
And that is the extent of my rant.
Grandpa is now wandering around the house and I've got to guide him to breakfast!
Have a happy day... No proofreading on this post!


  1. I wonder if there is in fact a solution.
    If we were a nation of leaders, there would be too many chiefs & not enough indians. With the usual small pot of leaders, the fact that absolute power corrupts absolutely applies. People in general don't think before acting. I give you gasoline laced with alcohol for example, or ridiculous gun laws as thoughtless gut reactions and attempts to ease the public and private guilt over problems that are in reality just the result of overpopulation.

    1. Our fathers, who were a bit hard to get along with I think, but they knew their heads from the arses. I hate to be crude but really, that is all it would really take...

  2. You've summarized, quite well, the frustrations of most normal folks.

  3. Pretty good for unedited proof reading. I have nothing to compare to those breakdowns you had. Although I did leave a thin trail of bromoxynil herbicide for five miles down the road when I broke a plastic fitting on the sprayer and a leaky valve would not shut off. I fixed it with, what else, some used parts I had on hand.

    1. Sorry about the trail. I had that problem with fertilizer one time and my neighbor posted it on Facebook.

  4. all good thoughts. i think that kid was schizophrenic - you dont make a political statement by shooting someone's grandma in her bible study. the news is giving that guy way too much airtime. no one cares what he said in his 'manifesto.' i thought it was notable his family was the first to ID him - they knew he was troubled but there is no help for families in that situation. no one is happy now. except for maybe me.

    1. ofg,
      in this country there is no way to get help for the disturbed until they have done something preventable.
      then it may be possible to get psychiatric help.
      we have no protocol to address derangement.

  5. Mitt lost the 2012 South Carolina to Newt, so I admire the revenge-best-served coldness of his "Take down the #ConfederateFlag at the SC Capitol" tweet.

    There's good reading in the Dread Pirate Roberts transcript.

  6. I personally think the country peaked culturally in 1915 and hit bottom in about 1990. We're only 25 years into the 75 years needed to dig out of that hole.


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