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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Actually I am laying under a tractor

For the last hour. Think I will take a nap. Hundreds of acres of hay await me. Turning from green to brown in the 90 degree heat spell.
The receptionist at my chiropractor thinks the end of the world is at hand.
I just think it is a normal hay season and I am less motivated.
I have been attempting to hook up the no-drill for the last hour. A fifteen minute job. Three more little fields to plant.
The will all fail.
Nothing like being the last rat off the ship... It might still float!

Have a nice day!

A flower! (See top photo)
Iphone blogging! Yeah! Wish I had an apple watch, bet that is Almost Useful...


  1. I always found under a tractor to be a poor place for a nap. An immobile tractor serves as a marker for busybodies who want to help get actual work done. And there was always something dripping in the shady spots.

  2. 90.5* high here today. Must be cooler where you were.

  3. oh thank heaven, this is the kind of tractor related blogging that i've been missing. glad to see you back. i dont think i could have an iwatch. the turkeys would peck at it or i'd loose it in a feed sack or something.

  4. A 90 degree heat spell will have me resting in the shade or else in an air conditioned tractor cab. Actually I start to fade when it gets near 80. Wood ticks and mosquitos kind of take the fun out of laying under a tractor lately.

  5. Ok, I'm not grammatically correct. I blame it on the iPhone.
    However I am not dead. Perhaps mildly depressed, rather busy, the iBook is usually dead... something always goes wrong... whatever... I will blog more.


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