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Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Sunday of disjointed thoughts

Thought one: I grew up reading stories from the past.
I liked the USA much better in those stories.
It is easy to dismiss the people who now run this country as I-dots, but sometimes it is helpful to understand why things happen and the philosophy that influences our lives.
If is very difficult to relate education to real events. I never understood algebra but yet I am now using it. I still don't understand it but I do appreciate the need to understand it.
Likewise you don't see the point of philosophy class because it doesn't relate to everyday life, but once you see how ideas can influence your daily life then an understanding of philosophy can put a name to your frustration. If also helps you predict the ruin that is to come...
(Click Here to read Selfevidenttruths)

Thought number two: (probably a crappy idea) This man would be shot and arrested but in the days when American's had character, he became a national hero. (Click Here To read about my favorite Emperor)

Thought number three: Zeta Woof brings up a good point, I probably should proof-read... What is less offensive, being anatomically correct or being grammatically correct.

Thought number four: I don't want to attend church today. The new chairs hurt my back. I want to sing hymns out of a hymnal. I do not want to see fellow farmers. They will ask me how things are going and I will have to lie. I would much rather lay under a tractor, or make a caustic comment (get it? "lye")  However, I should attend church. I'm a little uptight.
I am now down to one working useful tractor. Two dead Whites, the 2-155 and the 2-135 (which has had a new engine sitting beside it for a year) and Saturday evening Teddy hit something with the mower and took the PTO out of the MM G1355.
I spent all day attempting to plant six acres of Teff with the No-till drill and the remaining 2-155. It was a failure. I planted two pounds instead of six pounds per acre. Teff is a tiny seed, sort of like sand. The difference between two and six pounds is hard to measure.
The Teff seed needs to be planted into a firm seed bed. The no-till drill made furrows with the seed pressed into the bottom of the furrow. I can't replant the field without repacking it because it will be too loose. So I must roll the field again.
I have one last grass seed planting job Monday.
But also need to repair two balers, put a PTO in a tractor, work on the stacker, plant six acres of Sudan grass which should have been done Saturday.
I also need to go visit my father in the old folks home which I also don't feel like doing.
My father-in-law has moved in with us.
The first two weeks he was fine. The last couple days something has gone off-kilter. (An actual term used to discuss dementia this is not) He has been spending a lot of time sleeping and using his spoon to play Phillip Glass tunes on his water glass and plate.
I miss my old church which I could attend and then visit my father. But attending my old church adds to the stress by reminding me of the low-level corruption and nepotism that is the rule of my denomination.
Which brings me to the other source of frustration. I took my daughter to her old school to see her friends graduate. I kept thinking of "I accuse," but should have thought of the parable of the guy who owed a debt and had it forgiven and then went after the guy that owed him ten cents.
This could be a whole post...
(Since I get hits every day from people looking through multiple google pages for references to Western M. School and I'm tired of deleting references I might as well embrace my discontent....)
I was listening to the Principal speaking and couldn't help but think. They fired the Bible teacher for leaving his door open and ruined his ability to get another job by officially labeling it Insubordination. But, the man who is now Principal gave a personal recommendation for the teacher who attended his church and who he knew had issues with young girls (I don't remember the details, the teacher in question is a really nice guy and was probably a juvenile when that happened), then after taking on that responsibility by recommending him, failed to supervise him in a known fault, which resulted in a sex abuse issue. So now the teacher is in jail, the school has a million dollar lawsuit and the man who should have known (or perhaps I should have said, took responsibility by being a reference/helping the person get a job and thus assuming responsibility) is now Principal.
Kind of interesting. There were people on the WMS school board who potentially/probably knew about the past issues as well. (which is not to say I don't think people should have second chances, I had heard about the past issues but did not tell anyone who I knew would have to report this as I like the teacher in question and believe that what you do as a kid does not absolutely set your course for the rest of your life...)
Of course everyone will deny everything and then jump on the victim or the whistleblower. Modern Christianity is only as deep as ones wallet...

Edit: you can pretty much pick out the point I go off the rails in this blog post.


  1. It's a good day to tell the truth under a tractor,

    1. truth is relative, see the self-evident truths blog

  2. Rails? There's rails?!? On the rails is where a person gets runned over.

    1. Yes, the light at the end of the tunnel is a train...

  3. so... did you end up going to church? we did! it sounds like you have your hands full. i'm sorry about your FIL and your dad. watching them decline must be very hard. my husband shoudl work with you on the tractors and then you can help him fix everything here. i understand everything *points* "just needs a belt." if i had a tractor i might have to go and lay under it.

    1. I Went to Church, watched the FIL so my wife could go to town, took daughter down to the river. Skipped visiting father.


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