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Monday, June 8, 2015

A plan and useless trivial information about my weekend.

Over the weekend I've formulated a plan. It wasn't much of a plan but a plans is helpful...
I'm going plant the Sudan grass this morning.
Finish the little corner of the hay field that is left with the swather we left in the field for a year.
Put Teddy to work on the baler.
Hope my brother has time to rebuild the extra PTO for the MM G1355.
Put the stacker back together.
Ask the fellow I'm supposed to plant for to reschedule.
Move the two silage choppers that I purchased six months ago and left at the person's farm until they were so tired of looking at them that they delivered to our farm themselves.
The two silage choppers and the totally worn out pickup I just purchased because it has A/C and good tires that will fit my four-wheel drive farm truck. Not one of my better ideas.

Go to my daughter's eight grade graduation.
Worry about tomorrow, tomorrow...
Church was good on Sunday. Daughter and I went. The pastor took on a delicate subject, and gave it a little different perspective. I'm not going into it here...
After Church I watched father-in-law while wife and daughter went to town. Mostly FIL went to sleep in front of TV.
I debated about going to visit my father but then decided to take daughter to the river instead.
I was too cheap to buy the second kayak so we took turns between kayak and inner tube.

My inner tube sank. (of course)
We attempted to paddle the kayak upstream through rapids and discovered that was impossible.
We attempted to roll the kayak and recover from tipping it over. This was a failure. I don't know how the Eskimos do it cause I would drown.
We decided that both of us could fit into the one kayak and went down river. I hit my daughter in the head with the paddle and tipped they kayak over, again...
She took the paddle away from me.
Getting back upstream was a bit of a problem.
I fell out again and so it was decided that she would paddle and I would push.
I did intend to go visit my father but suddenly we realized it was 8:30 p.m. and the afternoon had turned to evening.
So we went home and watched house hunters in Florida on FIL's direct TV.

I'm now going to go plant something...



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