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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Good corn vs bad corn and I actually look at facebook and the Ebola President

This is bad corn. I doubt it really meant to be bad, perhaps it is just misunderstood. But it is not 30 ton to the acre.

Here is good corn. The truck fills much faster. I think I'm supposed to be figuring out the varieties and how much they weigh per acre.

Would have gotten twenty loads yesterday but a tire on the chopper exploded. We attempted to change the tire but I think the tire changing machine needs to be bolted to something solid. It is powered by Armstrong. We even brought the full force of our little helper into the efforts but to no avail. Had to take it to a professional.

We are just running one truck. If the dairyman wants to talk to the truck driver then I have to wait. I've been looking up people on facebook using my iphone. There are a couple people I'd like to talk to. Of course they are not on facebook. Some of the most interesting people are not. It is kind of fun to try and find people. I suppose that is really not being a clever sleuth. But, stalking has such a negative sound to it...
Earlier, I was on a plan to be friends with as many Eastern European women who play banjo as possible, but they have been rejecting me. I thought perhaps they would all become enamored with Ralph and emigrate to Canada where they could all be his farm interns and sister wives and play banjo music and ride around in the old Ford but sometimes those ideas you come up with while driving around in circles in a tractor are just not practical when you turn the a/c off and step out into the sunshine.
Yes, they rejected me... Perhaps it is something in my profile...

In other news I see we have finally managed to get someone in the USA sick with Ebola. Good job! It appears we worked really hard to get that to happen. Create a crisis and spend a lot of hot air attempting to solve it eh?  I have not even listened to the late night talk shows. I listened to the news release from the head of the alphabet agency in charge. It came on right after the talk by the lady whose agency let a Lunatic run around the Whitehouse lawn with a knife, as opposed to the American voters who regularly put Lunatics into public office SANS-A-Knife. (Sort of like sans-a-belt trousers but without the elastic.)
Yes, I am filled with confidence!
Also some humor in the hunt for the crazy guy in PA. He is hiding in six square miles of woods. They have cops with machine guns, silencers (so as not to disturb who?), tanks, armored personnel carriers, airplanes, dogs, and who knows what special equipment, and they can't find him? There is like one trooper per square foot, ah but they are camoflaged so they can't actually see EACH OTHER...

And here is a photo of some flax. I think I'll post flax photos instead of corn photos from now on...


  1. Great post David. I know how to make that better corn and should after 64 years of learning.

  2. Maybe you should do like Sunnrbrook Farm and start growing hops. Then you convince the wine people in the short pants that they should brew custom beers, too!

  3. Sister wives and farm interns. Maybe, can they drive a grain truck I wonder? No thanks, I'll pass.

    1. Not only would They drive grain truck but the would be experts with a five and four, points ignition, and hydraulic brakes. And the would come with their own chainsaws. (I've seen photos) you would have to get them to wear more clothes in winter.


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