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Saturday, October 4, 2014

More corn misadventures

Everythingwas going fine until the dump box stuck up in the air. 

So we got the forklift. 

Lifted the box. Took the pins out of the hydraulic cylinder. 
And then the cylinder retracted. So the problem was not a bad cylinder, but rather that the box is in a bind when yet is up in the air. Nothing looked wrong. Of coarse this all happened when The sun was shining in the rear window, and it was too bright to see the box.
By the time we got the box back together it was dark.

I filled it up again and dumped it. I was very careful. Then a fountain of silage sprayed out of the fan on the chopper. There was a hole in the blower band.
I decided to quit.



perhaps we will get our first load in before lunch.


  1. Nice welding patch. I could use that skill for the cone on my IH axial flow combine. Its wearing thin.

  2. Maybe things will go a little smoother for you soon.


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