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Monday, April 29, 2013

Keeping up with the exciting posts you all have come to expect

I am a bit dry on the blogging material.
Have been working.
Have had some problems which I would like to talk about but of course the "organization," that caused their own problems ask that we keep quiet about everything. This of course results in speculation and conspiracy theories. Which makes everything many times worse and heaven forbid you every question authority in this modern age. (or in this case, give the impression that you are)
Schools are a mini-example of everything wrong with society. I don't mean the usual of kids drinking and fooling around in the baseball dugouts, I mean how we interact with each other in terms of authority, handling crisis, personal interactions.
I bring a little baggage to the negotiating table myself and while my wife is of the forgive and move on philosophy of life I tend to fall into the "fool me once," and even though my ancestors left southern Missouri before I was born, and even though I suspect that their ancestors were carpet baggers, I'd rather starve then beg.
In other news, Sam (the farm dog) killed the last chick this morning and I lost my temper... Although they should not be escaping. I think he thinks they look like pheasants at this stage in their development.
I wanted to go to a Gospel Bluegrass concert at the Grand Theatre in Salem yesterday afternoon but went to sleep on the couch and no one woke me because they didn't want to go, but then they were bored because they wouldn't do what their cousins wanted to do.
I should be planting right now or mowing grass in order to chop silage but I just don't feel like it.
Just heard a pickup start, looks like my brother is on it.
Hurrah for my brother!
Have a nice day...


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