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Monday, April 8, 2013

I stay up all night and read, "Helmet For My Pillow."

My wife was cleaning house in preparation for a visit from her sister and she discovered a Christmas Present she forgot to give me.
It was the book, "Helmet For My Pillow."
This is the story of Robert Leckie, who joined the Marines in 1942 and spent WWII with the First Marine Division and came home again.
Click Here for an excellent article about him.
I will not attempt to write a review but rather make a few observations.
I admire the man because he was smart, well read, and an independent thinker. He did what he wanted and was quick witted and decisive. These are characteristics I aspire to but do not have.
I understand his bravery, he did what he had to do, but yet he took care of himself. In the book I think he downplays his bravery and his war experiences. I know from reading other stories that he was in the worst of the Pacific Campaign. He was a survivor and I really admire him for it.
What I find depressing are what I can read between the lines.
The USA in 21st century is run by junior grade Lieutenants and "Ivy-Leagers." (using the terminology of WWII) This includes our dear leader and congress. They don't know right from wrong and have never seen hard times.


  1. I think this will continue to be the case until we learn to elect something other than very rich lawyers to govern us.

  2. The average American no longer wants a leader that he can look up to, because it makes him feel like the trash he is.


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