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Sunday, April 14, 2013

I build a tow bar

I needed a ride to the field and there was no one to give take me.
So I built a tow bar for my pickup.
It took me a couple hours and a raid on the scrap barrel.

Then the kids killed the forklift while lifting the lawn mower (another story) and I took my pickup to jump start it. After getting the forklift running I discovered that I would have to walk. So I hooked the tow bar tot he forklift.
And I turned too short.

I think I should have made it a little heavier.
But, I'd wasted two hours and I still had to get the truck from the field.
So I got the welder back out and found a large hammer and a few more scraps of metal from around the band saw.

I don't think it is safe for highway speeds.

I pulled the pickup behind the truck while delivering hay to the neighbor, it provided some entertainment for several other neighbors. Fortunately it did not break off and crash into the ditch.


  1. I have one that works great pulling the gravel truck behind the tractor. I've never tried it at more than 15 mph but think it might work. Wish I could take credit for building it but it was another old farmer.

  2. Mighty Fine !!
    Got the job done.

  3. Looks good to me! Keep it greased.


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