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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I build a bench

I am such an amazing craftsman.
I built a bench for my wife to sell at her school auction. Well, I made the misshapen metal part, she finished the walnut slab.

It is patterned after an expensive bench found in some high brow catalogue.
I used 1/4 by 2" flat bar and bent it with the old Hossfeld bender or was it 3/8". Seems pretty heavy.
Because I screw everything up slightly I started in the middle and made my wife help me. I can never remember which side of the line stretched and which side didn't and so I can never make the same bend twice.
We attempted to make two legs exactly the same. I bent them into a an oblong shape, slightly bigger at the bottom then at the top.

The two ends came together under the slab. I just cut the extra off with a cut-off wheel and welded them together where the weld wouldn't show.

I didn't get the second leg the same as the first and had to pound out my bend and start over. Gives it kind of a hand forged look.
I added a couple pieces of 1/4 scrap I found by the band saw in order to provide further bracing. They are not the same width.
Here is the semi-finished project.
I did this over the course to the last few weekends.
Today i planted wheat.
Actually, I made feed, went after wheat seed, waited for the fellow to come after feed. Went to plant, spilled fertilizer everywhere, loaded the feed, talked about the danger of an EMP strike with my wife, had some garlic bread, then went and planted wheat. It was only ten acres replanted in a field that drowned out over winter. Seemed like a bigger field than that.
But, I suppose the short version, "Today I planted wheat," would have sufficed.


  1. As my grandmother would have said, "A blind man would be glad to see it". Used on occasions when her carpentry or furniture modifications around the house might come under criticism. Your metal bender is more elaborate than mine.

  2. A friend loaned me an Alaskan saw mill. If you have the rest of the tree and want to make another bench in your spare time. :-)

  3. That looks good and a nice bit of walnut on the top. I'm quite often shown a picture of something and have to make it.


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