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Friday, April 5, 2013

American is now officially a weenie nation.

Let's just get this straight to begin with. I'm not a big sports fan. Too much money and too many egos.
I never post about sports because I just flat don't care.
But, I've been listening to the radio.
Now that North Korea is threatening to blow us up with a poorly aimed nuke which will fry our electrical grid and it is finally reported in the news that those of us on the west coast got our thyroids irradiated from Japan, the unimportant events in life are what I plan to focus on.
However, I suppose it is all tied together.
A coach from Rutgers got fired for using "gay slurs," and abusing players, and now the AD has been fired.
What a bunch of pansies.
It is college basketball.
They can't handle a compound fracture and all start crying like little children at the sight of a bone sticking out of a broken leg. (Which was of course gruesome as all get-out true but they started crying?)
Then the coach resigns in tears after calling the players fags and pushing them a bit?
This is college not elementary school basket ball.
When a crazy gunman opened fire in an elementary school one of the little kids actually led friends to safety.
But in college basketball they call someone a poopie-butt and then cry?
When my brother cut the end of his finger off in a large v-belt I did not cry. I took him to the hospital. When I ripped the top layer of skin off my foot, broke my toe bone, and filled the stacker cab with blood trying to catch someone to take me to the emergency room, my brother did not cry, he took me to the hospital.
The official word is that sports teams teach toughness and teamwork and turn boys into men. If you can't handle being called names and pushed around by a coach you shouldn't be on a sports team.
I'm not sure if I agree with the theory that you have to belittle your players to make them perform but it is not like the coach broke anyone's arm. Get over it!
I suppose it is all due to our heightened sensitivity to using "gay" slurs.
I doubt that anyone who makes policy will ever figure out that the reason we all hate the gay kid on Glee is not because he wants to marry another man, but because he is a smarmy little prick. I like to see him cry because he is a whiner. No one likes whiners, except the Nannies who run everything in this country. They love whiners and victims.
It is the glorious modern age.
Perhaps we need Sandusky back to whip them into shape...
I listened to the coach's apology on the radio and I just had to laugh. He was getting all emotional and apologizing. What a wimp. Now if he would have said, "did I put anyone in the hospital? Stop be a bunch homo's whiners and play ball, heck you guys got a full ride scholarship, you don't like it-get a job at Home Depot!"
I would have started watching college basketball!


  1. I feel the same about all this whining about bullying. It ain't right, but it's life; learn to deal with it.

  2. Would you be willing to move to my town and run for the school board? I would vote for you except I don't live in the town where I teach.

    Actually it sounds like you need a little sensitivity training. I have a nice used curriculum to teach about the danger of bullying that I could send you for a reasonable fee.

    Grace and peace.

  3. Most of the sports in question are practicing playing war. If you want your football or hockey team to beat the other side then they have to be tough. It is only logical and natural for the coach (drill sergeant) to be the biggest meanest dog in the pack.


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