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Thursday, February 14, 2013

I attempt to put the s-155 FWA back together

I have one side of the FWA on the White installed.
The seal is a problem.
The seal cost $350.
It is rather complicated to explain how it works but there are two surfaces that need to pressed in. There is an outer seal and an inner seal. They are connected with a rubber cover. It is very difficult to drive the seal in.

My brother made a seal driver.
I think I damaged the seal. I could not get it to drive in straight. Then I don't think I got the second sealing surface to mate up. I may have cut the outside boot. I won't know until the FWA leaks oil on a hillside. I am not taking the seal on the other side out if I don't have too.
Replacing the upper and lower kingpin bushings is not as difficult as I thought. If you don't take everything else apart as well.
My cousin pointed out that our local deal is advertising for a mechanic in the High Plains Journal. I'm thinking my extensive history of damaging White and Minneapolis-Moline tractors will not really help on my resume.

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  1. You have my sympathy. My tractor only has a few dozen horses in it and they are easy to drive.
    I hope your seal recovers. PETA might hear about it. I would add something about seals mating but I won't.


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