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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy Day

I'm having a hard time facing the new season. It is all moving too fast.
I finished the FWA on the 2-155 but need to take apart the PTO.
It is also becoming more and more apparent I made a really expensive mistake which I don't want to talk about and it is making me grumpy and raises my sensitivity to the junk surrounding me.
Yesterday was not a good day. I got up on the wrong side of bed.
My sometimes a great employee decided to come to work yesterday. I suspect that he had finally run low on gas in his car. I am fairly sure this was the case as he ran out of gas on his way to work.
I did not go directly to take him gas.
I had already spent an hour on the phone by that time.
I found out I needed to load hay today, plant tomorrow, or Friday, find out I had sold my last lot of hay about three times, discovered our Buckwheat had radish in it. (Another reason I dislike specialty seed growers up river) Found out I had way less money than I thought, was reminded again of the amount of scrap metal we have, and then discovered that I was supposed to take my father to the Dr. at 11:30 in the morning the next day. ( today)
So I had to drive an hour to get parts as I am supposed to plant Friday. The dealership's phone system was not working. I went anyway. The most important parts were not in. So that trip was sort of a waste. I got enough parts to get going.
But, I was irritated and especially cynical and was a bit rude to my brother and employee. I should have apologized to my brother but I didn't. I told my employee that it all paid the same whether I was happy and cheerful or not and he didn't have to come to work if he did not want to put up with a grumpy boss.
After that he was quite cheerful and happy and washed my grain drill for me.
Now I shall go to work.

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  1. Looks like you and I had a similar day yesterday. I think the main thing that set me off was the discovery that we ruined another $150 gel cell battery when the stupid arsed tarp strap broke and allowed the battery to fall onto the exhaust manifold of the fertilizer buggy. I gave Dad and a couple employees a not-so eloquent monologue on the wisdom of using %$&@ tarp straps as battery hold-downs on the machine that sees the most rough ground on the farm! I then stalked off to try to order very common tail and marker lights that no-one seems to have......

    I hope today went better.


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