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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Another random post because I have nothing to say and don't want to work anymore.

I spent $6,000 on diesel yesterday. It has put in in a bit of a funk...It was not so much the $6,000 outlay, but just how little fuel the $6,000 bought.
I have had certain goals.
1. Working Sprayer
2. Working Fertilizer spreader
3. Working truck with a hoist. Preferably a IH or L8000 Ford with a diesel engine that is not a Detroit.
4. 100hp White tractor with an engine more fuel appreciative than a Hercules
5. A five year old 2-tie baler, failing in that area, a Freeman 270 in really good shape.
6. A really good White 8900 combine with a 20 ft header

I have achieved none of those goals, nor will I.
Although I do have several tractors apart and found a really crappy spray boom and a set of larger tires for our dead sprayer.

So perhaps I will just express my frustration with Downton Abbey.
We like costume dramas at our house. My wife and daughter have watched Sense and Sensibility 50,000 times.
Downton Abbey has interesting old stuff on display. Neat old cars and costumes and the art deco period should be quite interesting.
The whole main plot is somewhat irrelevant. I understand you do have to have a main storyline to hang the interesting subplots on but I generally dislike rich people and I really don't care if the third earl has to dig potatoes or Mary has to move to America and sell tupperware.
"Free Bates," was our slogan for quite some time and we were waiting for that mean Thomas to get his comeuppance.
So, I must say I am most disappointed with the direction the show has reportedly taken. My wife declared during the last episode, "He dies!" Which then bought up a chorus of "DON'T GET IN THAT CAR," when ever it appeared there would be a driving scene.
But here is the problem.
Thomas, being gay, must be somehow redeemed in the end. Thomas is a conniving jerk. They built him up to a grand climatic scene which was pretty hilarious, I mean does anyone ever fall for the line, "Look dude you know she wants it, just whip it out!" A line perpetuated time and time again on undergraduates with the hope that some idiot will actually fall for it and the mean humor can be shared with your insensitive compatriots.
But then there were second thoughts. I'm sure this will be a learning experience for us all. Bates is going to be nice to him which will bring pathos or something to the show. Blah, blah, blah... Hi-Jinks ensue.
We have the promise of an interesting view of the coming revolution in farming. I was hoping for a episode featuring one of those strange setups with a winch at opposing ends of the field which pulls the plow back and forth. Or a Fordson climbing the bullgears leading to death and destruction.
But, I think with the loss of a main character well will just go back to sex and arguments with no real adventures of any substance.
If only they would all just burst out in song every once in a while. That would be a nice change. A good dance number always breaks up the story line!
I keep hoping for a good television serial in the tone of "All Creatures Great and Small," but I don't see it coming. No writer actually has had any real adventures and so we will see nothing but arguments.
Modern TV plot development,
Introduction, a Hot actress, a graphic depiction of some sort, a misunderstanding, bizarre random events which save the writing staff who have written themselves into a corner, main characters sing or put on a show, supporting characters have an interesting subplot, main plot is resolved and misunderstanding cleared up. Hugs all around. Clever subplot with supporting characters set up for next episode, credits roll.
Frankly I miss, "Are you being served?" and, "The Black Adder," I prefer watching stupid shows which don't pretend to be anything else.


  1. Not much on tv that couldn't be improved by Stan and Oliver walking in the door. Including 6:00 news.

  2. I've never watched Downton Abbey. Somehow the phony antics of the wealthy British don't interest me. However, I do like the hemophobic Doc Martin and his general attitude towards stupidity. Then there was Monty Python. The Lumberjack song will forever echo in my mind when I head up the hill to cut wood. (with my wife mind you). "Not that there's anything wrong with that."

    1. I just read the plot line of "Sense and Sensibility". I sincerely hope you were not forced to watch it too.

    2. Doc Martin is getting a little painful to watch. There seem to be no hints of empathy at all. At first I found it hilarious to watch silly people bouncing off the rock that is the Doc, and it was funny he was afraid of blood, but now I'm finding it a bit tiresome. I find the subplots with the crazy policeman or the ditzy receptionist for interesting.
      I like Bert Large.

  3. I can remember years when I didn't make $6000 farming. Of course diesel was only 30 cents a gallon so it didn't matter.
    I've only recently discovered Downton Abbey and can't miss it now. And it's predecessor, "Upstairs Downstairs". No doubt you all watch "Fawlty Towers" too.

    1. Ralph, That was only two years ago... Oh wait, you said diesel was .30?
      Fawlty Towers is not on here.
      Have been watching Upstairs Downstairs when it is on. Have mixed feelings about the new version.
      I like the complexity of Downton Abbey, and the old cars. I suspect the writing teams put the high dollar writers on the pain plot line and at times turn the interns loose on the subplots. I enjoy the servants lives more than the aristocrats. There have been some interesting old trucks.
      I thought that tractor rolling the cricket grounds in the last episode shown here was pretty neat. Would have like to have seen more of it.
      Was hoping for socialist/workers protest in the village when they start applying "modern" farming techniques.


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