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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Another rambling blog post with multiple fonts and run on sentences and trite opinions-

You have to understand these folks hate you. You may try to appease them.  Do a little wine-tasting, say you are against bullying, but yet they still hate you. Of course if you meet them and they will say you are the exception somehow you are enlightened, but when it comes down to the re-education camps... well I think that farmer I knew had a gun and I'm pretty sure he may have spoken severely to his child...

Here is a link to a story on a blog I like to read.

First note the tone of the post in which he links to the article. CLICK HERE.

"Josephine County goes vigilante

I really like that, "Tea Party Meets Syria."  
Yeah, that is the most recent clever modern intellectual conceit. Rural, gun owner, possible Christian, blue collar/working class, equals crazy Islamist because all religions are fairy tales and the educated and clever folks don't have any mythology. (Of course it is not mythology and a fairy tale if you believe it, especially if it is based in science cause no scientist ever believed the world was flat.)
And in the same blog you have stories of Portland Police brutality and so we are pretty skeptical about the police but an armed militia of local people who have a vested interest in their community are just plain scary!!! And there is no irony in the concept at all. Sort of like not having your cake and not eating it as well.
Should have gone to church today. My brother went. We are watching, "The Snows of Kilimanjaro." I so want that guy to just die. I feel sorry for the guy that was leading the hunt. Stuck with a bunch on self-absorbed arseholes. I hope the girl runs off with the witch doctor dude and starts a jazz band in Paris. 
They sure like to kill them animals. Strange I don't think any of them are conservative tea party types. Nothing like a movie about the America pretentious class of the previous century. Oh, life is real and death is so honest, lets have another cigarette and a glass of booze, and kill something- cause we are alive and that is the only truth. Please pay attention to my stupid sentiments!
Oh I'm drunk and I love you so much, but we are doomed doomed! Darling you are so honest! Lets sing or drink or go back to Paris alone and drive myself crazy while I wait for you and the ram emotion is so real I feel alive and I will drink another bottle of booze. Oh my the irony of conflicting emotions!
I wonder if I can talk the family into a trip to the beach...


  1. The term was: Well regulated. like a clock. Running smoothly. Not well armed.
    I sense frustration building...Lighten up. Best make that trip. Failing that, invent innovative ways to dispatch geese in the fields. Maybe set the nephew out there with a 22? (politically correct single shot) Kill two birds with one stoner?

  2. Didn't care for the book. Glad I don't live in Oregon; it's bad enough even here in West Virginia with all the educated riff-raff moving in.

  3. The thing about The Snows of Kilamanjaro, in real life Hemingway's granddaughter dies of a barbiturate overdose. But his baggage carrier's grandson is twice elected President of the United States. So, in a way, it has does have a happy ending.


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