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Monday, May 2, 2011

Today is the first day of the rest of your life...

That statement has always frightened me.
I'm taking a break. Actually, I think the five cups of coffee I had this morning did not agree with me. I think I shall sit a spell.
I got a text this morning from my employee. His son is sick and he won't be to work today.
I don't object to that. If your kid is sick or needs a ride to school or what ever you should be able to take time off.
Wednesday (I think) he had a bad toothache. I didn't protest when he went home. I'm not sure if it was early or not. Probably 5 p.m. Thursday, he had a dentist appointment. Friday, he had important things to do but would come in if I really needed him. Saturday I didn't hear anything.
Now here's the deal...
We have a white board with a list of things to do.
I have been working late on the 2-155 because of an unexpected failure.
The corn planter is in pieces but I have 150 acres of corn to plant this week. Plus, about 100 acres of farming to do here, plus the silage chopper to put back together.
And two trucks to get ready, and two balers, and feed to grind, and those are just the "fast track" things.
Today my brother told me his trucking boss cut the end of his finger off so I'm thinking the brother is not going to be around.
I think a person ought to work hard and get caught up so if problems arise you can take off work with no worries.
We are short on funding due to some hold ups in payments so I'm not really in a position to threaten anyone and I really don't see the point in giving a lecture to a 46-year-old adult. You know what there is to do. Giving a lecture to a long term employee seems to be so condescending, especially when that said employee claims to be your personal friend.
I find it all very sad and depressing. My wife has opinions and she is right. It all makes me really uptight. I'm going to get the kids to help me after school today on some of the electrical trouble shooting. For some reason all the warning lights are stuck on in the 2-155. Finding a short circuit is going to perhaps require removal of the fuel tank which now is half full of fuel. Pain and suffering...
I will leave you with this video.
Sometimes this is how I feel about Mondays. Please note I am not going to climb any clock towers, this is just an expression of frustration and I have NO homicidal tendencies.


  1. sounds like you're thinking of work that would have been accomplished but could not be accomplished because in order for it to be accomplished would be exploiting your employee's time for your own selfish ends.

    so, respecting that his needs takes priority over yours you are left in the dilemma that you are in.

    i don't know why but this appears to be the opposite of how this type of relationship is suppose to work. i guess my mind thinks up side down from how it should.

  2. Uh, could you say that again, Griper. I think there might be an American entitlement protest song hiding in there somewhere!

  3. But my worker is a basically good guy who has issues. I think he would like to quit but can't find another job. If I fire him then he can blame me, and I will have been manipulated into making the decision for him.
    I don't really care about that.
    I would like him to lose some weight and come to work. There are opportunities to make more money here.

  4. sounds as you are thinking of an opportunity that should be taken advantage of but is not be taken advantage of because that would require that your employee make the decision to permit you to exploit his time for your own selfish ends. and that he has decided already not to permit this.

    so respecting that this is his decision to make and not yours you are in the dilemma that you are in.

    i don't know why but this sounds to me as if he has already made decisions to maniplulate you. but i guess my mind thinks up side down from how it should.

    just a note here also. from this demented mind i see a perfect example of socialism at work here on the smallest of scales and the reason that it can never succeed as an economic reality in spite of the promises of its theory.

  5. Griper, of course you are right... I don't know if I should be angry or amused. he came to work today, just like my wife said he would. And I see the timecard is setting on the desk next to the computer.


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