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Sunday, May 8, 2011

If it is too good to be true...

I just had a terrible understanding.
Yesterday morning I was trying to remember some planting acres so I can send out my final planting bills. I was just a little uptight as at this point the bank balance does not come close to meeting the amount Case-Credit demands for the drill payment.
I was distracted by the sound of my daughter reading out loud.
I walked out into the living room and there is my daughter on the couch reading about Socks the cat to her cousins. They had a sleep-over at our house and were just getting around. The oldest cousin was on the couch petting the dog and listening to my daughter read. The youngest was in the easy chair trying to perfect his swing with the Wii controller, but with the Wii and TV turned off.
It was some what of an idyllic scene. I thought to myself, this is too good to last!
Yesterday afternoon I observed the kids.
The two oldest cousins begged to for a job and so my brother put them to work sorting old and bent irrigation pipe. They were happy.
My daughter and the youngest cousin were in her play-house fort (it's armament consists of a bungie powered catapult) playing some elaborate pretend game. Every one was happy.
So, everyone gets along, loves Jesus, gives each other hugs instead of fighting, encourages each other to do the right thing...How long is THAT going to last.
No wonder we are going broke, two years worth of seed unsold, I can't make my drill payment. This happy life must end!
Someone is going to die, we are going to lose the farm, get a splinter, happiness is a fleeting thing, life is a bitter struggle, pain and suffering abound! If it is too good to be true it is!
Sometimes I have to go out and yell at the kids, "Stop being so happy, there are children dying in Somalia, Floods in the Midwest, famine and pestilence abound, the sun is going to explode, lightning could strike-we could all get hit by a bus and die!"
Sometimes my daughter responds with, "Lay off it dad or I'll break your other rib..."
Then I retreat to the back room and listen to The Legendary Stardust Cowboy and all is right with the world...


  1. Life can be good.
    Kids could teach the world a lesson.
    I hope the cowboy has some songs he can sing with his clothes on.

  2. Budde, no need to worry. Haven't you heard, the world ends on May 21? All debts, contracts , etc will become null and void. :-)

  3. The world's going to end in 2012 anyway. I know it's true 'cause Hollywood said it!

  4. Better stock up on Kool-aid! It's going to take a lot.

  5. I was just listening to someone teaching from Revelation and about some aspect of the end times. Right in the middle were directions that the scourge could not touch God's people, at least at that time.

    I think there are times when God blesses us and we are slow to realize how good it is.

    I am glad you saw it and reminded us.

    Grace and peace.

  6. Well, if the world is going to end May 22nd I am certainly not going to work Monday. Forget getting that corn planter ready and trying to find disks for sweet corn by Thursday. I don't like planting corn anyway.
    But, what to do? I really don't have any special thing I need to do before the end of the world. I guess I'll just stay home. Perhaps take the daughter down to the river and skip some rocks.

  7. might ask your daughter if the world will end while you're down there skipping rocks.


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