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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Today it rained

I planted some of my Teff.

We chopped silage.

Things went wrong...
The chopper is a NH 900 I found on craigslist for $1,000. It was covered in the last crop it chopped. It had not seen a field in 15 years. It is actually in pretty good shape. It much better in every way than our old 890 and 892 choppers.
Somehow, the blower liner was not checked. Even though we swapped the cross auger and worked on the fan! I understand what went wrong but talking about it makes me grumpy. You can't stop a project for six months and switch people in charge of project and not have some things skipped.
So... my brother took off for NH dealer to get a new one. On the way back his pickup died. Had to send truck driver to go get him. Got my cousin (whose truck we are borrowing) to drive. He is a very nice cousin.
I have other people's corn planted but not our own.
The ground was ready to work yesterday for the first time. The rain may slow it down.
I need to plant a number of small fields. 10 acres of Timothy, 10 acres of alfalfa, 10 acres of buckwheat, 5 acres of soybeans, 20 or 30 acres of corn, 30 acres of fescue for seed. It all adds up.
Just heard the seed cleaner place lost 17,000lbs of uncleaned fescue seed. May not be a lot by many people's standards but it is a lot to us.
I never did get a truck that I can haul silage with.
I didn't grind my pig feed correctly and my one and only customer who buys more than a barrel at a time is complaining. (nicely)
It is raining and the silage chopper won't fit in the shed. Not that it matters as it is five miles away in a field...At least we don't have cyclones, flooding, or very much nuclear radiation. All is not bad.
Have a nice day...

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