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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lingering Guilt

Here is a photo of the stacker we sold last year for $10,000. Don't buy it. I can't believe the guy did not come and look at it before buying it. I see he is asking just a little more than he paid for it. Wonder if the A/C still works. I finally got it working before we sold it.
I have never been so glad to see something leave our farm in my life. I hated that stacker. It tried to kill me once...


  1. Looks kinda medieval, all those racks and tines. There is something appropriate about it going to California and getting revalued.

  2. Apparently, he was dumb enough to buy it, but not dumb enough to keep it. Maybe it tried to kill him!

  3. The New holland bale wagon was pretty popular around here years ago. Although I think there were just as many pull types sold. Never owned one myself. I've sold or traded in a few things like that and I almost felt sorry for the new owner. But I told them what they were getting and set the price accordingly so it was still a sense of relief to see it go down the road.

  4. Is there a reason why he took the pictures facing the sun so that the machine is covered in shadows?

    Ralph...doing a bit of that myself now, actually! Watched a piece go down the road on Sat. Is it tacky to jump for joy and click my heels before they are out of sight?

  5. When we first got the stacker the safety shut off on the hydraulics didn't work. I discovered the problem the hard way with 46 stitches and a broken foot.
    The stacker was just worn out. We sold it cheap and answered all the questions truthfully. But...You can't tell the guy who is buying something that you would not be selling the item if there was any possible way you could afford to make it work. I refused to sell it to anyone I knew. If you are buying a $22,000 item for half price you should probably look at it.
    I sold my first Great Plains drill for a good price and the fertilizer box was completely rusted out. However, i told the buyer everything that I knew was wrong with it and offered him the opportunity to back out of the deal. He is now my friend so I guess it all worked out.


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