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Saturday, May 7, 2011

It doesn't matter if you have the right of way, if the bus hits you...dead...

I am always fascinated by cultural views and rules and the stupidity of the college/university sort of people.
I found this article in the BBC news in which a police officer was giving a talk on how to avoid sexual assault and he gave politically incorrect, but accurate advice.
In protest, the bobble-headed proles are having a "slut-walk" to protest sexual violence.
I am sure the policeman who gave the talk is just shaking his head. (he probably got fired or lost pay or was demoted for his honesty.) It could be that he has had some real world experience.

I like to read the surviving in Argentina blog (see sidebar). A lot of these survival type blogs are rather obsessed with hardware. Guns and knives and k-rations. But, being safe is about being self-aware.  Having an exit plan, knowing where you are, not drawing attention to yourself.
There are simple facts of life that no amount of protests or laws will change.
If you walk out in front of bus you will die...
Likewise, if you run around dressed in provocative clothing, it does not make sense that you would NOT increase the risk of being assaulted. I'm sure there are lots of statistics and opinions and "facts' to prove me wrong but why take the risk? Why increase your risk of sexual assault?

Girl the dress you are wearing/
Is a bit too short you know/
Please don't miss understand me/
I'm not an astronaut you know/

On an even more politically incorrect note.. There is the story of the gay kid who tried to pick up a couple crazy "cowboy" types in a bar in Wyoming. He ended up strung up on a fence post.
The lesson the clever folks took from that incident was that of gay oppression. The real story is not to be an idiot! (Or not to confuse porn with real-life.)
It is a good lesson for anybody. Don't trust crazy drunk people with your life. Assaults like this happen to women but we don't call it a hate crime. Be self-aware!
It all comes back to walking out in front of the bus...

In side note, I see from the BBC that some kids in the US got in trouble for turning on the webcam in the room where the one kid's gay roomie was having wonderful gay love. The gay roomie then jumped off a bridge.
The linked story is about how the prosecution is turning one defendant against the other, not in the cause of justice, but rather to win the case. It is all a game and it is BS.
I read the story on WebProNews a while back. The gay bridge jumper knew the webcam was in the room and it may be that he already knew they had taped him before. There was something of a conflict between the too roomies.
So the two defendants taped the gay kid and streamed it live. It was really kind of funny. I have heard of college kids playing pranks on each other before. Some of those pranks are mean and illegal.
Was it a hate crime?
Did it make the kid jump?
This is Rutgers University and it is the year 2011. I can't see how being filmed having gay love in your dorm room would lead to jumping off a bridge. Would having your non gay love live streamed on the internet lead to suicide? I suppose only if you made really strange faces...
I'm not sure if it is invasion of privacy if the guy saw that the webcam was on... That is just stupidity...
Anyway... I think it is all BS, hyped up to deny the real lack of mental health support in the real world.

I've developed a theory. I tried it out on my self-proclaimed liberal friend and actually got him to think for a second.
It is my opinion that the whole white liberal guilt thing has become so much ingrained in certain classes in our society that it is much like a religion. I've seen this with some relatives who went away to colleges that are bastions of liberal thought. They come back thinking rap music is about liberation (instead of getting laid) and they look down on us country folks and think every farm worker is Tom Joad.
But, what if you are male upper middle class, earnest and sincere kid who cares about social justice and you are white? Do you kill yourself? Of course many become involved in stupid social causes but what about the kid who wants to be a minority, who wants to be oppressed? There is nothing to do but to be gay...
Suddenly you are part of an oppressed minority and you can flaunt your specialness in the face of everyone else. Kind of like the second season of Glee...
If you don't believe me go hang out at the theater department at U of O...
On the other hand, I don't really care if you are gay. I'll admit that aggressive gay males make me really nervous. I have no problem with being friends with someone who is gay because he is gay because that is how he is.
That is because he is a normal human being who lives his life and is not obsessed about his sexuality.
I'm sure this post will not get me praise for being honest and opened minded. Rather I will be moved up on the list for the re-education camp. Or perhaps room 101.
However, I think if more people were just honest we would have less discrimination rather than more...
Have a nice day...


  1. its all a part of that dominant/minority mindset out of which pc is based on. the minority is looked upon as being powerless thus are never responsible.

  2. The problem is, Budd, we're all just preaching to the choir. No "self-respecting liberal" (Is that an oxymoron?) would ever read your blog, or mine, or those of most of our readers. Oh well, I guess it's just the price we pay for being brilliant!

  3. if either of you ever see BB of Idaho there is one that deserves respect. He has been with me almost since the beginning of my blog.

    i've come to think of him as the silent partner of my blog. he'll keep ya on your toes in regards to researching issues.

    he is one liberal that will discuss the issues in a civil manner and is not afraid to agree with you on issues when you present valid arguments.

  4. Griper, I think I've seen conversations with BB of Idaho on your blog.
    I don't know if it is really a conservative vs. liberal thing. I think it is more thinking about how things work than anything else.
    Liberals should keep the conservatives at bay and conservatives should keep the liberals at bay.
    I kind of think the problem is that there are no real conservatives left in the world.
    I sort of hoped someone would jump on me over my comments.

  5. For years I've been trying to decide if I am liberal or conservative. Does the fact that I agree with most of what Budde and Gorges say make me conservative? I suspect I'm more a middle of the road type.

  6. Ralph, I never intended to become a grumpy conservative. There was just no one else to fill the roll. I'm more of a live and let live sort of person.

  7. Thanks for being honest and opened minded. You have been moved up on the list for the re-education camp.

    I'm a libertarian. I read your blog and think you have some good ideas.

    It is hard to find people who discuss issues and don't argue parties.


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