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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's day

I was helping Sadie with her homework. One assignment was to interview a veteran in your family. My Uncle was in WWII. He was in the 3rd Army. I think we was a clerk. He carried a typewriter. He was pretty close to the Battle of the Bulge. Was very nearly involved. Once drove Patton in a jeep.
My Father was exempted as a farmer. My father-in-law was a conscientious objector and went as a nurse or do you say orderly? Was assigned to a mobile x-ray unit. Was also way to close to the Battle of the Bulge.
My Uncle was a conscientious objector and was sent to work in the woods and I think he worked in a mental hospital. Note: these were not unpatriotic people, they had ethical objections to killing other people.
There is quite the generational gap between 1944 and 2009.
I am quite in awe of my Father and Uncles generation. It is unbelieveable what they had to do and what they were willing to do, and what they accomplished.

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