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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Post Halloween Sunday

Last night was halloween. We went to the trunk-r-treat at the Cambelite church in Amity. People lined up there cars in the parking lot and opened the trunks. They had candy and dressed in costumes and had the trunks all decorated.
Fat white-trash ladies waddled down the middle of the road going to and from the church, towing their screaming urchins dressed in their natural state, little demons, witches, and pirates....and hookers....
It was pretty fun for Sadie. She was dressed as a skeleton. They had a couple of those kiddie houses that are blown up with a leaf blower. There was a costume contest. Sadie didn't win. There was a cake walk, she won a brownie.
I saw a friend from high school. We had a nice talk. It was nice. Kind of strange. He had a secret. I was the nice Christian boy. He liked to drink. Somehow he didn't think I knew. So I went to Church, and I tried very hard to make my Christian faith work. That did not mean I was stupid or that I even that didn't realize I was not very worldly. I just didn't drink nor did I very often go off and hang out with those that did. I liked to do stuff. Drive fast, have fun, make jokes, pranks, I didn't like to park on back rows and get sloppy drunk then talk about it at school the next day.
Anyway, I was not in the party scene, not really that popular and because I was a contrarian and refused to try to be popular. Whatever...
So anyway, he had this ongoing booze problem that turned to drugs and then his wife died in childbirth and the drugs became and issue.
I think that if anyone has a reason to be on drugs then he does. The problem is that he seemed to see me as having some sort of higher moral/spiritual level and I really don't know how to deal with it. I have no real moral authority on anyone. I have my own issues.
So we had our chat and we should hang out more. Which is good. But, of course I will probably never call. I never call. I am such bad friend. All I do is work. People should not take that personal. I just am probably not a very good friend. It is easier just to work all the time.
He called is Mom and said S. and I would stop by for trick or treat.
We stayed at the party a little while and then drove down the road to Aunt E. and Uncle H's house. They were having a pizza party and halloween treats.
S. and I ran down the street to Mrs. R's house. She was on the phone and could not talk to me. That is so funny. You would have to know the whole history but that is kind of funny.
Mom and Mrs. R drove school bus together. Mrs. R. called Mom every day. Mom knew more about me from Mrs. R. than from life itself...
Uncle and Aunt had their family there. Brother and family and dad were there as well. Sadie and the boys had a good time. Aunt E,'s grand daughter L. and family were there. They have two little girls. I think S. was friendly with them. The oldest is preschool, she is a real talker. She was telling me about all sorts of scary halloween things. Unfortunately, my hearing is shot from years of running an open tractor so I have no idea what she was saying. I just watched her expressions and nodded at the right time. She is pretty cute.
We left early (if you call 9 p.m. early) and went home. L. wasn't feeling well. When we got home S. and L. worked on a big jigsaw puzzle and I read them a Bible story off the devotion of the day website. It was about the parables of the sower and the seed and the stoney ground and the weeds. I won't even attempt to think about any significance that has in relationship to my life...
S. went to church with my brother and family. She was happy. She got to make a decision and felt her independence.

In planting news...I worked on my fertilizer rate controller all day. My cousin came over and helped me. We had an interesting discussion about a neighboring farmer and son duo who both just got divorced and now are dating strippers. The question is, if you are over 50 and recently divorced how do you get a really hot 20-something who loves sex to date you? I think the answer is you use the same technique you use if you are a 20 something recently divorced guy who is dating a stripper. You pay them money till their clothes come off and keep paying you more money till they follow you home...
Not such a difficult concept...

I can't get that rate controller to work. I buy this used crap off of ebay and wire it all myself and then I lose or forget the wiring diagram and then I have to figure it out all over again. Everyone else just buys new. !@#$%^&

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