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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Modern Times

I was listening to Michael Savage the other day in the tractor. He was going down the list of Leninists in the current administration. I don't remember that much of my revoloutionary theory as it's been a while since I was 16... But there is the whole one step forward two steps back thing as explains a lot about the way things work in modern culture.
I got this idea in my head a while back but I don't quite know if I have it right. I thought it was Lenin. I know he wrote a book by this name. I picked up a lot of these ideas on the George Orwell web-ring which is now gone.
The idea of the one step forward two steps back is to go in with a big lie or a big confrontation or crisis. Then you back off two steps, then move ahead one.
For example. There was the Ellen Degenerate lesbo kiss on TV a while back. There was kind of a big hullabaloo about it, then quiet. Then gay charactors started showing up as token characters in most TV shows.
Or the Obama is a Marxist statements which were supposedly shocking and then were of course "disproved." But we see varous figures in the administration praising Mao or being forced to resign because they were avowed communists.
Or, politicians on either side of the asle who make the "big lie" for what ever reason, deny it all, then come back with an admission of a lessor missrepresentation, then slowly return to the big lie-which has now become an accepted truth.
Perhaps I should think these things out a little more before posting. Perhaps I have it all wrong...but perhaps not.
I'm not so fond of the Republican party either...

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