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Saturday, November 21, 2009

I was going to write about a trip to Montana, but I got distracted

Sometimes several different events all come together to set me off on a train of thought.
1. I found this blog by a girl who went through a really tough decision and I've been reading it. She seems like a pretty interesting person. We probably would disagree on many issues but I think I would still like her if I met her in person. Then I looked at the people following her and I started reading all these blogs by 20-somethings. A lot of these people-especially the girls, are hip and cute and total idiots. Or should I say they see things from a different perspective than I? They are so impressed by their own uniqueness and cleverness. Just like the other 150 million young people with the exact same opinions-which they got from pop culture. See, I know I'm kind of full of crap. Does that make me less valid?
2. I've been reading my journal I wrote before I became nearly middle-aged. I was going to write about a trip to Montana in 1993 with my friend Mel but I kept reading and I found a post about this girl I sort of liked. I remember arguing with her about seat-belts and if there should be a law requiring you to wear them. She thought there should be and I disagreed. It was and is my opinion that things like that should not be legislated. I'm not going to debate that here and now because I don't really care what you think. I have only recently started wearing one and that is only because S. is worried I might die and to a lesser degree it is because I got stopped and the cop didn't give me a ticket but said I really needed to start wearing a seat belt and he would have to give me a ticket the next time he saw me without. He was really nice about it. Also, he didn't tase me even though I had a 20 round clip of 7.62 on the dash and the butt of a 10/22 was peeking out of a pile of coats on the floor of my truck. I thought that was nice of him.
But, I digress.
3. I worked in the shop today. My Uncle's grandson thinks he is going to take over his grandpa's business. He smokes a lot of chronic and he tends not to show up at work. He seems to have no idea that every one knows he is a pot-head and many jokes are made at his expense. He seems to be quite self-assured.

Edit: Removed my political commentary. Don't want my truck keyed or to be sent to a re-education camp...

So the 20-something is listening to country music at top volume. I have not been listening to country music. I think it would be more descriptive to call it "crap and sit back down in it," music.
Typical country song translated: "I'm a moron and I drive a big truck, I love a girl with a tattoo on her butt. We are both stupid and we don't wipe our butts. Years ago I was in high school and I love God and Apple pie and America but I don't really because I know nothing about God or America and I've never had real Apple pie cause my Mom is a fat and stupid woman who doesn't cook and just watches TV and goes to Walmart a lot with her snotty nosed and ill behaved bastard grandchildren and we have a dog and we used to go swimming and we drink beer and pretend we have southern accents so smarmy pants junior commies can laugh at us and pretend to be artists and hate God even though they have no idea of anything about God and all they know is what they have heard from their hippie freaking drama teacher and pretentious lit professors who couldn't get a real job if someone shoved it up their too tight, the 1960's were the best time in the world, bung holes."
Perhaps I'm reading a bit more into your typical country western song that is really there...
I've been working on my brakes today. I could be on edge...
NOTE: Unless I get requests from more than three of my readers to keep this post I am going to delete it tomorrow. I don't think anyone really wants to know how bitter about politics I've become in the past decade of liberal Republicanism...


  1. Yes! I got a check in the offensive box. I've been waiting for it. Proof the total morons can read!

  2. I just looked at and then read your blog. Had to go to Walmart with my wife a while back. She was shopping and I was watching people. When we got out of the store I said "Honey you can't shop here anymore" Why? she says and I say "You ain't fat enough to shop at Walmart!"


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