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Friday, November 13, 2009

I rant again...

Perhaps I should just get a therapist. Hopefully someone finds my annoyance intertaining... I got pretty worked up about this post of NAT last night and then saw people who agreed with me this morning. So now I don't really care that much.
Then I had to fix the dryer.
Then there was the garbage on the lawn. Stanley the large Great Dane/Aussie Shepherd hid in his doghouse. Stanley and my brother's dog Sam like to bring home unattended bags of garbage. I think the way it works is-Stanley rips the door off and then he and Sam share the bag in front of our house. I am not actually sure that it is just Stanley who does the door. Sam has aways been a garbage hound. Stanley is just bigger. Also, Stanley knows he is not supposed to do this. At first I put a lot of blame on him, but now I am not so sure. Who ever the culprit is... We know not to ever leave bags of garbage or bags of anything that smells good to a dog, outside over night. You can't really stop the habit if you can't catch them in the act... And if I ever do there will be some sore doggie bottoms in this neighborhood.
Wife and child picked up the garbage before the school bus got here.
Here is what annoyed me last night.... It is about Amish people and NAT posters. I'm not completely right nor am I completely wrong. I'm just ranting...

I wandered back over to the NewAgTalk forums this evening. There seem to be a lot of new people on there. More morons than there used to be. Someone posted some photos of Amish people harvesting corn. I found the comments to be offensive.
I'm wondering why it annoyed me so much. I am not Amish.
I replied to the draft dodging comment only to put my post in the wrong spot, so I ended up looking like an idiot. So I left. I don't like NAT so much anymore anyway.
I guess it that I've been reading to many internet posts by people who don't have a clue about people of faith, because they have no faith.
I think it is depressing that no one believes in anything that has any deeper meaning. NewAgTalk provides a pretty good cross section of armchair farmers so I suppose it is somewhat representative of modern America.
It is such a short step from apathy to antagonism. From people who are stupid and don't care to people are stupid, don't know it, and want to impose their stupidity on everyone else.
Now, I may not have all the stuff right about the Amish but this is how I understand it.
Amish people really do things the hard way. They do this because they decided to stop following popular culture way back in the social revolution of the post WW I years. The point is to live a separate and called out life. A life not caught up in the modern rat race. A contemplative life that is close to God. Amish people believe in taking the sermon on the mount quite literal. They do not fight back if attacked, they believe in humility, in helping those in need, and in turning the other cheek.
Of course they do have problems as they are human. Sure at times they end up with a legalistic religious belief. But, why can't we still admire them as people who practice their faith in the daily lives. Why not appreciate that they are first on the scene in every national disaster. That they forgave the psycho who shot up their school.
Why laugh at them because they don't farm half the county and own a giant John Deere 4wd.
When I wrote my little newspaper I defended farmers to the death. I was infatuated by the ideal of the noble and hardworking yeoman who was somehow a part of the earth that he farmed. I thought the whole Jeffersonian ideal of the landowner and his native common sense was still a part of the modern farm.
The more modern farmers I know the less I like them. The de-evoloution of the farming character is just a little ways behind big business, real estate agents, developers, and society in general. Instead of the occasional self serving jackass being the exception to the rule, the exception is the rule, and the far thinking, honest, person with a real belief system is far and few between.
I no longer see the heros of my youth. I think they are all nearly dead. I suppose that is progress.

As for the issue of the Amish being draft dodgers I find that pretty offensive. They attempt to live their faith every day. They did not dodge the draft, they did alternative service which did not involve killing people. Not every fellow in the Army is a front line soldier. Are clerks and typists and mechanics somehow not doing their part because they don't get shot at every day?
If more people lived like Amish do you think there would be so many wars?

Oh whatever...

It doesn't really matter. People don't like Amish for a lot of reasons. Some of the Amish do smell bad. Their slow moving stuff on the highway is annoying. They stick together, they marry to close to home, some of them are greedy and some of them are lazy. I guess you can find what every you want in a group.

I am amazed at the horse drawn technology. I do think that a person could make it as a horse farmer. It would require a lot of self disipine I think. Perhaps an outside job to get started. You could not borrow money. I'm not sure I have the horse sense to do it. I always wanted to try before my dad forgot everything he knew about horse farming. (They farmed with horses till the 1950's.)
Jose our Mexican worker farmed with horses in Mexico. I tried to get him interested in modern horse farming stuff but he wanted a tractor. Hmmm...


  1. I don't care much for the picture of modern agriculture you get from a visit to NAT. A fellow tries to make a reasonable point, hoping for a little creative thinking and discourse and he gets pounced on by a pack of reactionary hyenas. If that lot were a political movement, it would be the party of 'I Got Mine, Jack'.

    I'm glad we still have the Amish among us, that there is still room for other ways of doing things. Small scale agriculture with local infrastructure did more for national security than Cargill or Tyson ever will.

    Don't think I will farm with horses, though I seriously considered trying it when I was much younger. Somebody has to feed them when you go off on the road playing fiddle and banjo. Guess I could ride one. One of our instruments is a pitchfork. Fuel up with that instead of credit card at the pump.

    Agree entirely with previous post, with awe and respect for previous and fast disappearing generation. Wonder how they felt about those who preceded them and fought in the 'War to End Wars'. I'm guessing their fathers saw as much, and talked as little about it. Add dead horses and gas attacks to the mix, and brass who thought horse cavalry and infantry were the way to deal with machine guns.

  2. I could do a whole column in response your comments...But, in true lazy farmer fashion I overslept and am only on my second cup of coffee at 8:02.
    1. I hope you didn't voice your feelings about confinement hog operations on NAT! Oh I have to look for those posts! I bet you really got the arm chair farmers going!!!
    2. Arm chair farmers or people who work for really big farmers are a major part of NAT. They really can't see anything past the BIG GREEN hood that they see out the windshield. Since they don't own or operate or have had to pull themselves out of debt by their own bootstraps they don't have a clue... They only parrot back what they hear their bosses say.
    3. There are so really good people and some really good info on NAT. There are some Moline collectors, some White tractor people and there are some farmers and farm workers who really know their stuff and who are open to alternative farming.
    You just have to find them or they have to to find you. If they don't see your post you are doomed. You have to remember the real farmers are out working a lot of the time...
    I think WWI really took a lot out of our country.
    First was the propaganda machine pumping out "the evil hun" Then churches got involved, "praise the lord and pass the ammo." Then there was was the brutal truth of trench warfare and the fact that the Huns worship the same God we do...
    THen they come home and no one understands. Well, then there were people dropping like flies from influenza...
    And we think we have it bad...
    No wonder there were anarchists running around!

  3. You won't find any Collieguy posts on NAT. Maybe someday I'll feel like poking the hornet nest. Actually, I kind of always feel like poking the hornet nest. Hmmm....


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