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Monday, November 30, 2009

DAK is still in business?!

When I was a kid there were a couple catalogues that I really enjoyed. First was the Montgomery Wards Christmas toy catalogue, (especially the old ones from the 1950's that were at Grandma's house) The Sharper Image, (full of strange electronic gifts) and the DAK catalogue.
With DAK if you ordered a lifetime supply of their extra special cassette tapes you would get a free stereo or something. I think I got a little radio that got TV and weather signals that was on the size of a pack of smokes.
This morning I was looking for a turntable to play my records on. I had four turtables stored away but, one was not very good, the second one got dropped while loading the trailer, the one that plays 78's has a bad transmission, and the four one is gone and no one remembers where it went.
The forth one was the good one. The two good ones didn't have cartridges as I had the cartridges packed in their boxes. I am positive the fourth turntable went away as it looked like it was not usuable. I am pretty sure of this because the one I wanted to go away is still here. It is not such a big deal. Who knew three out of four would be bad? Perhaps the fourth one went bad as well.
I would like to find something to play my 78's on, and a good player for my LP's. I looked at the new USB turn tables but they look pretty cheesy.
Something will turn up I'm sure...
But, I digress...
DAK is still in business hawking interesting electronic stuff. Drew is still writing these informative sales pitches. Drew is a good writer. I would like to write stuff like that. I am impressed by some copywriting that I have seen. Drew writes easy to read material that flows well. It gives you the impression that you are gaining valuable information in easy to understand language about fairly technical stuff. But, it is all crafted to get you to buy the product.
If you want to be a writer you should look at the persuasive copy on the DAK site!
Pretty funny!
I have the urge to buy his record player and special converter box. It is really not that bad a deal for a new turntable (it appears to play 78 rpm) and a preamp but the software is not for a Mac.
Somewhere I have a legal copy of soundsoap, and I have a preamp so....
I'll look at the rest of his stuff!


  1. Good luck with finding a turntable. Maybe ebay has something :)

  2. I think I am out of date...The wrong century perhaps. My daughter found a typewriter.(I have three or four) She is hard at work typing a book. Seems to be having a good time. I'll see if I can get a photo. Sometimes she objects.

  3. If you haven't bought yet, check here:

  4. Aw yes-but which one to buy?
    Will have to find reviews in a magazine. The amazon reviewers leave out items like, speed options and adjustment options.


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