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Monday, October 26, 2009

The Rain has Returned

This is the view out the window this morning...
My drill is but a few feet from the edge of a very wet field. The fellow I'm planting for got the exact amount of seed for the size of the field. I forgot to double check and count the sacks. I always get 10 percent more than the actual field size due to corners and overlaps. I'm 7 acres short out of 50 acres. I really needed to get done. It is bare ground.
I need to work on the drill and I have real no-till to do which I could get done with just a couple hours of sun. This is going to take two days of sun.
Today I paid bills and did bookwork.
I hate Quickbooks pro. It is a moronic program.
I discovered there is seen in the old White corn planter. Tomorrow I will clean it I think...
I need to finish cleaning equipment and put things away. It is hard to know where to start.
Employee has disappeared.... It is that time of year...

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