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Thursday, October 29, 2009

From Sunshine to Rain-12 hours later!

I stayed up late reformatting my wife's new (to us) iBook. The Mac OS has what is called a "Migration assistant," you run the program which tells you to hook your old computer to your new computer with a firewire cable. You then restart the old computer into what is called "target disk mode" by holding down the "T" button on the keyboard. The program creates a new user account on the new computer that is the same as everything on the old computer, apps, music, network settings, all the passwords (which I've forgotten), but it also keeps the new computer's identity so that if something else needs to be changed you have your backup. I did that, renamed the iBook, did a software update, and she is set. It has a very nice 14" screen and it looks like about 4hr battery life. Pretty good for a $295 ebay snipe. The iBooks and PowerBooks have actually kept their value really well. The Mac faithful really resent the switch to the Intel chip and the evolution of the PC-like mac.
Which brings me to something I need to get off my chest. I HATE the PC. Last night I wanted to shut down my Windows XP based tablet that I use for GPS. It says "Are you sure you want to shut down?" And I get three buttons, one of which I need to push on the screen. It is dark, I'm tired, I want out ofthe tractor as fast as possible, but if I just yank out the usb cables and go it will cause problems. Yes I do want to shut down, otherwise I would not have gone through the program menu and found the shutdown command with my little pen. I have never pushed that button and not wanted to shut down. Actually, I didn't want to shut down, I wanted to put the dang thing to sleep, but it is not a mac and you can't just tap the sleep command. And if you make it hibernate or whatever stupid interpretation of the sleep command microsoft has come up with, it still runs the battery down, so what is the point? I will tell you things that will make the computer shut off but are really counter productive.
1. Banging it repeatedly on the steering will. This ruins the hard drive.
2. Punching the screen. New screen digitizer
3. Ripping it off the dash and hurling it out the window, new tablet
4. Just holding the on-off switch down until the screen goes dark. You have to wait EVEN LONGER for the POS to start up, because it "shut down unexpectedly."
5. Tapping repeatedly on the icon of an application because it will not open. There is a "keyboard" memory. If you tap repeatedly on the browser icon then eventually you will have five hundred browser windows open, all trying to load at the same time. You can tap repeatedly on the FarmerGPS icon. It is smart enough to just open one time...

If some shadowy super rich people read this blog and decide to front me as president, in much the same way they did with a kid with big ears from Kenya, there are some executive orders I will issue.
1. Cell phones will have standard functions. There will be no external buttons that can be accidently pushed while driving a tractor over a rough field. You will not be able to accidently get "voice command" while flipping open the phone. The phone will be tested.
2. Coffee makers will fill and empty without dripping over the counter.
3. People who walk in front of vehicles when not in a designated cross walk will not be able to sue anyone-ever...
4. Finally Products which do not meet basic quality and ease of use standards will be shoved up the CEO of the company's arse...

I think that would be a good platform to run for office...


  1. I think you have a lot of fabulous points there! and many that I agree with. I'd just add one more...

    People who come out to a farm for "U-Pick" reasons should not leave their things in the path of a tractor...namely a stroller with a baby inside.

    Can't tell you how many times that has happened to me when I was a tractor driver for a local "U-Pick" operation.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Of course you would never want to run over a baby, but you know what ever stupid thing they do, it is always your fault.

  3. Absolutely not, I'd never want to run over a baby. I just want people to get a bit smarter, just a bit. I don't think we're asking for much here. :)

  4. I meant to say something more like. While we all agree that it would be bad to run over a baby if you were to run over it, instead of it being their fault for leaving it unattended in the middle of a marked roadway, it would be YOUR fault for not seeing it-whether it really was your fault or not.Likewise, any other stupid thing that these people do becomes somehow your fault-cause you are there...
    I don't really have a clue what I am trying to say....

  5. I'm pretty sure I understand what you're trying to say. :)


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