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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Back to Silage Chopping

I was trying to plant some intermediate ryegrass which is a cross between annual and prennial resulting in a longer lifed and finer stemmed plant than annual. It is the only thing availible with a decent price and a contract so we are doing 30 acres.
I just heard the secret is raising good grass seed. Spend the money on planting and you will get it back at harvest. Well are not spending money. Disked it twice and harrowed and rolled it to pack it. I thought we were going to get 2" of rain so all the golf ball to marble sized clods would melt together. It didn't rain.
I'm planting with the Great Plains 1500 no-till drill. I have the press wheels set all the way down and it still wants to bury the seed. Have discussed irrigation. It is really dry.
Also having problems with my Spray-Mate II automatic rate controller. It works for small speed variations but doesn't have enough range when I slow down. I have to always get out and adjust the bypass valve when I change gears.
Then I got a call from my neighbor at noon. He wants me to chop 500 ton of corn for him. This is a long story full of miscommunications and twists and turns. Essentially Farmer sold 30 acres of corn to a dairy. This was brokered by the chopper guy. Farmer guy wants to grow 60 acres. Chopper guy acts like he is a broker and says oh yeah they will take it all. They didn't take it all. Chopper guy annoys farmer.  Farmer finds someone else to buy the 30 acres for ear corn silage.
Today the Farmer guy made a deal with dairy across the road for the greener corn. Possibly 400-500 ton and calls me to chop it. I of course jump at chance to show up selfpropelled BTO chopper guy and say I'll do it.
But... I'm sure there is more to the story or he would not hire me to chop. A New Holland 890 pulled by White 2-134 is not going to load a semi in 10 minutes..
We had the chopper cleaned and the chains oiled and the duals on the tractor. It is really good corn and I'm not sure we can chop it using all three rows of the three row header. Might have to drop down to two rows.
The John Deere owning neighbor with his 30 ton Pioneer corn and us with our lower corn yields and our White and Minneapolis-Moline tractors.

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