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Monday, April 20, 2009

Photos to go with post below

You can just see the barley poking up through the dirt. Lots of clods as we disked it once and then planted with the no-till drill. There should be clover as well. I didn't get a very good seed bed for clover. I do hope the broadleaf you see between the barley is a clover plant. I should have dug up the seed. It looks to be in the row so I'll just choose to believe it is clover.
Second photo is of the oil trail. I could smell hydraulic oil and I just had a bad feeling about the whole thing. I blew the end off a main hose to the pump. Goes to the servo valves. It dumped oil everywhere.
Note the empty buckets in the back of the truck. Each one represents $42. See my Harley Tool box. Not sure what I should pay for that. I offered him $50. He said I could have it. Should pay him something. Probably worth $100? Don't know.
Door to the truck is open so I can hear Lefty telling me that life's like poetry and something about a missing line till he met someone. That is what country music should sound like.


  1. Hey, whuzzat say on the bumper? My real truck is a Studebaker? All my wrenches are lying under a Studebaker?

  2. Keep America beautiful! Drive a Studebaker!


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