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Thursday, April 9, 2009

People who are gone...More about Mr. R

I spent the day driving in circles as usual. I have been thinking about the death of Mr. R. I know he had an amazing story and I can't remember it. I know I wrote it down as well. I can't find my journal from that time.
Mom died several years ago. With her went a number of really good stories. I was supposed to remember all sorts of stuff. I didn't. When she died my mind kind of went blank...
There are a couple other people whose stories I miss as well. I think I have the information in my head and when I try to write it down it is gone.
Then is my other issue. I hate to bug people. I think I'm a bit insecure. There are a couple old pluggers who fascinate me. But when you start to write stuff down they clam up.
We had a relative who made his own electric guitars and invented all sorts of stuff. He was the bane of church potlucks. Sometimes brought his own giant plate. He was a confirmed bachelor farmer, dress funny-wore converse high tops and had the most amazing comb-over I have ever seen. Then suddenly he was dead. Turns out he had a secret wife... Who would of thought.
So I did some more searching for Mr. R.
It is kind of silly. I have the family phone number memorized. I didn't realize this but someone called me from salem wanting hay. I thought I had the number but the only number that came to my mind was 501-581-xxxx. So I look it up on Google and here it is Mrs. R. She lives at a different address I think, but that number was still in my head. I could call her up and ask her this stuff. She probably doesn't remember me but she would most likely be happy to talk.
I can't do that. Not sure why. But I can't.
I did find that his obit has even been referenced by Wired Magazine in Feb of 2007.
Found the answers to his cryptogram. Which provided me a clue to his story.
One of the answers was "A beginning - august, nineteenfortythree"
In August 1943 is the 10th mountain division went into combat. They made a landing in the Aleutian islands to secure them from the Japanese. They found the island deserted. From there it appears they went on to Italy, without their special snow/maintian ski sorts of equipment and suffered heavy casualties. Basically infantry heavy fighting. Not especially what they were trained for.
I think something happened to him during the landing. I thought he told me he perhaps broke his leg with prevented him from going on into combat. This turned out to be a huge second chance for him.
Now my problem is of course, since I can't remember anything, I don't know for sure that he was a ski-trouper, I don't know if I read this in a WWII book somewhere and attributed it to him and I don't know if his family would be annoyed with me for discussing it on the internet.
I'm going to remove his name from previous post so it is not searchable. I feel like I am telling someone else's story and getting it wrong.
I resolve to write people's stories down. They should not be lost...


  1. That is why I blog Budd. Thought maybe enough computer files would be left when I am gone my grandkids can find me. We all have a story. This has been a great way to tell mine. I really need to print mine off and put in a notebook in case the computer files idea fails. Y2K a bit late. Just think, I have already written my book in 108 days.

  2. For a while I wrote stories down in a journal. But I always seem to lose my journals. When I wrote Mr. R's story down I had just started using a computer. I am afraid Mr. Riching's story is on a 3.5" floppy disk somewhere.
    My previous blog had several good stories as well. My Uncle told me about selling the last team off the farm. I can't find that story either.
    My idea with this blog was to collect stories in one spot as well. Book in 180 days is pretty funny. Good idea actually!


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