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Monday, April 20, 2009

The barley is barely coming up!

April 11th I planted barley. It is out of the ground. That is pretty amazing. Came up this weekend. We had rain and drizzle since then. Sunday was pretty warm. Friday was rainy.
I tried to plant more barley today.
First I blew out a hydraulic hose. There went 10 gallons of oil at $8 dollars a gallon. Not to mention a $175 hose.
I hate AGCO. AGCO has decided to raise their parts prices. I mean these parts have been sitting on the shelf since probably 1975. Every White tractor since then has used this stinking hose. It is pretty clever thinking to figure that if you rape the customer on parts he will buy a new tractor from you. Of course if you own all the brands what are you going to do. I love my White 2-155 but I think if I make enough money to buy a new tractor it will be a Case-IH 7140. Screw you AGCO and your stupid saving the family farm AGCO website. Oh, yeah I also priced a ball joint for my front wheel assist White 2-155. It is $375. Once again let me tell you how I feel about AGCO.
The thing is, I've always wanted to buy a new tractor. I thought I'd buy a Cat Challenger, I actually looked at a good used one. But, guess what-it is a @#$%^^&**ing AGCO. No way....
I once watched a poor sap try to order a part for his Oliver from our local AGCO dealer. There was no way they could handle it. I was able to order a part for my Minneapolis-Moline only because I had a manual. Once again- I hate AGCO... They have ruined more good brands than any other company I know of. Sort of the American Motors of farm equipment...
But, I digress.
The barley is coming up and I blew out a hydraulic hose. I got that fixed by going to town and getting a hose made and NOT buying a hose from AGCO. (Did I mention how I dislike AGCO?) I got four wire hose and it was under $90. About half...
So I get the hose fixed and start the tractor. Then I look across the field where my brother is spraying Round-Up, the sprayer broke off the three point of his tractor. Oops! So I drive my pickup over and encourage him, then go back to planting. In the mean time his son who is like 10 or 11 is rolling the field. (We disked it once and then planted with the no-till drill. Worked up very nice. Plus it evened out the rought strip-tilled corn rows) J. had covered up my last pass so I had to depend on the GPS. Who knows where the skip will be.
I start the next section of the field. I'm watching the population monitor and the speed and trying to get the fertilizer to build up pressure. I turn the dial to speed up the pump and I only get 10lbs. I look back about the same time I realize what has gone wrong... I blew out the hose that goes to the spray boom. There is liquid fertilizer spraying all over the drill. I lost 50 gallons of $6 per gallon fertilizer. Ouch!
Thats what I get for saying mean things to people with Obama bumper stickers.
Have not been able to post pictures or do much online as my iBook is in the repair shop. I'm reduced to using the Fujitsu tablet I use for GPS. Kind of hard to type with a touch screen and a stylus.
I didn't work that late tonight. I went up to the shop and washed the fertilizer off the drill and ate supper. Wife and child were in bed. I went back and planted till 9:45 but I was kind of nervous about things going wrong so I quit. I sprayed 10-34 all over the wire harness connectors for the drill monitor and my population count is not working. Perhaps I'll get up early in the morning.

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