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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Peta Kills Animals dot com

I found this website but have to go to work so I'm not going to say much. It is pretty funny. Seems as though PETA is, well, oh dear- MIGHT BE IN IT FOR THE MONEY?! well and the power. It is fun to change the world and of course make money at the same time.
I did a search for "who funds and found this on wikapedia.
I understand that wikipedia may not be the most reliable source for all this but frankly I think it is funny that they are funded by PhillipMorris.
And-many of the things that should be counted against their parent group, are just fine with me.
I mean, really...where is the money going to come from to combat activist hysteria. I'm pretty sure there is not a organization called, "The center for sensible thought and moderation in all things," the concept wouldn't work. What are you going to tell people in a direct marketing campaign. "Well we do need a lot of money but please give in moderation." or "Now we are not taking away from your food budget with this money?"
Anyway, I've got to go to work. Thought this was funny.
It is a beautiful day. We have 100 acres to farm and I am off 15 miles away planting in little 10 acre fields. The other tractor is spreading fertilizer on hay ground which could have been done three weeks ago during the previous weather break. But, my wonderful employee was not feeling well and I was off planting-100 acre fields that week... I need to be a better manager.
Possibly I should start that by getting to work early and not setting on the loo posting to a blog read by five people...
Actually I was out checking fields at 7:30 a.m. for what that is worth...
And I can't actually plant this morning do to a slight miscalculation in setting the drill last night. I had 12 acres left and enough oats to plant at 140lbs per acre. So I put the drill in third gear which is 20% more than second. I was planting at 110lbs so thought a 20% increase would be about right. But, when I started the monitor read only 1.2 million seeds, which was basically what I was planting before. So I messed around with the settings. Got it up to 1.5 million. I kept looking at the little TV camera that shows the seed level guage and it always showed full. I DID NOT look in the box. Well, the little plastic indicator got bumped because when the bin empty alarm went off the indicator showed half a tank of seed. So, I planted 210lbs per acre. The farmer has to drive 30miles to get more seed. Didn't seem to bother him much. He just laughed at me. Said you will never be able to forget this one. Heh! Heh! and showed me his hotrod collection. Pretty cool.
Now I'm going to work...

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