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Saturday, April 11, 2009

More Frustration

I planted 35 acres of barley, 10 acres of clover, and 5 acres of oats on our own farm. I'm pretty frustrated. Of the 2000 acres or so I planted for people last year the only real failures were on our own farm.
I can see one coming, unless we have some really good luck.
Our barley field is a former corn field. It is a heavy black silty clay soil. Wapato, to be exact. It is on riverbottom ground and the water table is about a foot below the surface. I had the great idea of disking. I used to do most of the field work. I have a hard time telling someone exactly what to do. I always tried one thing, and if it didn't work I would try something else. I tell our hired man to disk and he goes and disks. The disk brought up with clods and didn't want to go in very well. When he harrowed the field the clods only broke down to golf ball sized.
The no-till drill will make a good seedbed right in the row but those clods will be a problem later. I think we ended up with quite a little compaction as well. It is supposed to rain pretty good Sunday so perhaps I will be fine. Just a little worried.
I've seriously considered another career before...

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