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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Crazy Traffic Day

Perhaps I don't get off the farm enough...
Today I went to the dentist for my once every couple years checkup and cleaning. We have a nice dentist. She understands that if you stick dental instruments halfway down my throat I will gag... She understands that I am afraid of dentists. I always remember the scene from "Marathon Man" when I'm setting in the waiting room but she makes me feel fine by the end of the visit. I figure she pipes laughing gas into the room while I'm setting there waiting for the x-rays to be developed.
I had to take the farm irrigation pump into be repaired so I had that in the back of the truck. Have a pretty heavy duty pickup so it handled the pump ok. Made me a bit nervous as to any sudden stops.
Had quite a discussion with the pump repair fellow. Seems like everyone who lives out in the country and works for their living has a bad feeling about the future.
Headed home to work. Neighbor stopped by at 11:30. He talked for a couple hours. Didn't offer to buy me lunch.
Took a couple checks into the bank. They were made out wrong. Had my last name on the checks. Shall we say they were made out to "Shepherd Bros." instead of "Buddeshepherd." Bank wouldn't cash them. So I called the main office and complained. "I've had my account for 40 years. The reason I use a hometown bank is because they all know me blah, blah, blah.
Nice lady explained to me that there has been a lot of fraud and identity theft and they now need to be more careful. Then she asked me the teller's name. I couldn't remember it. She has been there for like 5 years. So much for me paying attention to my local bank people.
So I went into the main office to cash my checks. They said they would make an exception for me if I deposited them in my account and had my brother sign them as well. So I did.
I had to go to the FSA office to sign papers.
By then it was "rush" hour. This used to be a small town. Rush hour in Mac means silly people in little cars dart out in front of you, or try to cross streets when they should go down two blocks to a light.
One fellow backed out in front of me. A girl in a very nice car cut me off while talking on the phone and a girl with her baby on board zoomed in front of me, ripped around the block and then had to slam on her brakes to let me finish my turn in front of her.
Kind of amazing, was just a touch jumpy by the time I got home. My wife laughs at me for driving 45 mph. If only I could explain...

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