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Saturday, January 22, 2022

I rant about my job! So, basically the same old BS post...

I have been enjoying my job. This is a bad thing. It means that something is going to go wrong soon. 

I have applied for a couple jobs and gone through the interview process. I always get the job but there is always a catch. Basically not enough increase in pay to cover the extra travel time and to quit farming in my spare time. I have been at the job I have long enough that I can basically take off whenever I want. Although I tend not to take off when I have important jobs going on as it means I will be behind in some process at work and it will take me forever to catch back up.

So of course I got the email. Get your booster shot or get fired. Oh, there is an exemption form but only for medical or religious reasons. My reason is pretty damn simple and my reason is the reason my college has retention problems of students, staff, faculty, and administration.  "Do it or else..." is a tough term.

My pay compensation is below "living wage," according to my college supplied financial advisor. However, I have a daughter getting programmed with bullshite liberal "christian" theology at George Fox University, formerly one of the last "conservative" Christian colleges on the West Coast.  This means I am getting a huge "benefit," that I cannot replicate anywhere else but GFU.  

There is a grounds opening at Willamette University that is exactly my speciality but no free tuition at GFU. I am applying for it and trying to talk my daughter into transferring but she does not want to transfer. Also, I will get fired in the middle of spring semester and that will screw up her tuition remission,.

I realize most of my friends are adamantly opposed to the jab. I am not. I think the booster is rather pointless as the China Flu seems to have peaked. I also still feel like crap and suspect I had the virus that resulted from the biggest biosecurity screwup in history. I do not want to get the shot while I am still feeling like crap. I know more people who have been sick from the booster than who have been sick from Biden's disaster.

But, after six years of of one crisis after another at my University Job, and I may add, one crisis after another created by bungling administrators and trustees, I really resent the get vaccinated or get fired approach as I know in my heart of hearts this place is behind the curve on every single issue there is.

And there is another reason for my irritation at this demand. I worked for JRT Mechanical driving dumbstruck and it was like a vacation. I was valued, trusted, and treated with respect. They would have me work evenings, just gave me the keys to the dump truck and excavator and said go to it. They didn't think I would cheat them or destroy buildings or hurt myself if left alone. They appreciated my help and they knew I would do my best and I responded. (I wish it were not a three hour commute to work for them full time.)

Of course my Uni gets back what they put in also. Pretty much from everyone that works there. It is kind of sad, A business school that incorporates the worst of 1980's failed business management techniques in the 21st century.

But I do like the President. He buys me coffee and talks about guns and theology and music and is very enthusiastic. I just don't see his enthusiasm filtering past the Gang Of Four deans that are the barrier between him and the rest of us.


  1. The vaccination mandate. If the govt. really wants us to do something they will find a way to make it happen. Being self employed gives me a little leeway but eventually they will get me.

  2. If you are not against the vaccines, then go for it. I personally am glad I don't have to deal with it. That may change when I go to see a new doctor next week. I will pray that you are in that majority who does nothing but get sick and a spared all of the other issues these drugs are causing.

    Grace and peace

    1. I am not real comfortable with the vaccine. This is not like a Polio vaccine or Measles vaccine that you know actually works. I mean, you still get the virus just not as bad? And then there are all the people dying from heart attacks and strokes right after getting the vaccine. No, I am not all that thrilled about the vaccine.

  3. I would not worry about the booster. No one I know had any reaction. Were I am an employer I would require it. Sick people drive up the cost of health insurance for everyone. It seems that leveraging your friendship with the President seems like an opportunity that could be developed. Ask him what he would do in your place.

    1. I know a number of people who had a reaction to the booster shot. Enough so that I don't want to get the booster unless I am in excellent health.


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