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Monday, November 20, 2017

My lucky day

I found 25 cents and half a twizzler blowing the stands after the big football game.
Talk about the benefits of being a groundskeeper!
Of course this was offset by my very astute supervisor saying we can't wear our boots home because the college bought them.
And now I know why people steal pens from work...


  1. And then there's the plant where I used to work where they encouraged you to wear your steel-toed boots when working at home because they didn't want you missing from the assembly line due to sticking your toe in a mower or something. Face it; we're all just a means to an end.

  2. I'm just finished reading a British farmers blog and my first thought about the boots was "Blimey, he's crackers isn't he?"
    . LOL.

  3. Sorry about the boots. Doesn't it just cost them more time while you change on their dime? And what the heck is a twizzer? I would avoid getting close to it. It looks like something the cat left behind. A pretty tame football game. I would have expected bigger and grosser things.


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