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Thursday, November 23, 2017


I miss the old days.
I was talking about with one of the hispanic workers. Somewhat of a language barrier but he was also talking about the big family dinners of his youth and how people just are not the same as they used to be. Kind of interesting. Curmudgeonism can bridge borders of language and culture. I have discoverd some sort of inter-cultural enlightenment...
My family used to have a huge Thanksgiving dinner with all the extended family members. It was kind of a pain when I was a kid but now I kind of miss it. There was usually really good food.
We are going to my Wife's family today. Which is great.
I invited one of my workstudy students when I found out he was one of the few people left in his Frat house.
He declined as he was determined to have Thanksgiving with the few that remained. Sort of a holiday tradition I understand. I gave him my lunch which had a lot of carrots. He was pretty happy as they were making stew. I also gave him several beers that I had found. This made him Very happy. It sounded as if his Thanksgiving dinner would be greatly improved by three beers, a bag of carrots and a bag of peanuts. Perhaps i should take him a pie this afternoon.
I kind of feel bad about eating the candy bars I found under the stadium bleachers. Should have also passed those on.


  1. Working on being a curmudgeon here but I'm always in for the family gathering at Thanksgiving since its usually combined with a couple of birthday celebrations. We have our Thanksgiving earlier because by late November sometimes our cold weather does not leave us feeling very thankful.

  2. I suppose we should be thankful that the pilgrims started the genocide that killed off most all of those pesky Indians that were in the way of our expansion. White privilege, manifest destiny ya know.
    I can out curmudgeon you any day. :-)

    1. Well, disease got the first 90% of them before we even got serious about stealing the land. That only left 10% that we had to deal with.

  3. Something I miss about the old days is the fellow farm folks we used the gather with. The younger generation have all become city-slickers and we have less in common now that my generation is the "old folks."


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