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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

I plant whilst Rome burns. Can't accuse me of fiddling around

I spent the evening listening to Nation Public Radio and planting Triticale.
I came home and took a shower and discovered Trump was almost certainly president of the USA. It sounds as if the Clinton Crime Syndicate would have to get quite a few More dead people to vote to bridge the gap.
But... They are trying.
Podesta came out to say it is not over.
Pretty funny...
The democrats are already crying racism, bigotry, homophobia, and note that the sky is falling.
They don't stop and realize that if they would not have sold their soul to party unity and realized that Hillary Clinton is not just a harmless old lady who happened to make a mistake with her email and loves puppies and accept the obvious fact that the only reason you would set up a server outside of the secure organization was so that the organization would not know what you are doing cause you want to commit crimes, would have noted that many people hate Hillary because she is a horrible person, and would have voted for the person they really wanted in the primary, people like myself would not have voted from Trump. In fact if they would have s...canned Hillary a few years ago Trump would never have been on the ticket.
Or just realize that Hispanics do not want criminals following them to the USA because that is one of the reasons they left Mexico.
But then most liberals I know have not spent extended periods of time doing hard manual labor with Mexicans either. They just sit back and lecture me about my white privilege. I didn't see any of them out planting at 10:30 pm this evening.

Not that I'm saying I think Trump is actually capable of running the country but then the sad thing is, I don't care.


  1. The country runs itself, sometimes into the ground. He might not be smart enough to do anything truly dangerous.

  2. I don't know, Budd, after hearing Tim Kaine speak this morning, Maybe Hillary should be canonized.

  3. Maybe they both should have been 'canonized' a year ago. I believe they do that kind of thing with a canon in N. Korea.


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