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Sunday, November 6, 2016

And America becomes the most powerful Banana Republic in the World...

Beyonce performed at the CMA awards and The Clinton Crime Syndicate will take office.
On the slim chance the CCS doesn't take power the Donald train wreck will attract all the loony lefties and it will be endless opposition from the shrill classes.
Exponentially worse than the end of the Jimmy Carter era as there is no charismatic leader to pull the country back together.
The United States will continue as the bully nation of the world, refusing to help anyone who doesn't subscribe to our idiotic shizophrenic dual values of Tin Hat Democracy, promotion of pseudo gay rights, abortion, and the rights of corporations vs supporting radical Islam all at the same time.
Absolutely never ever in my wildest dreams would I imagine that one could even imagine that Russia would possibly lean towards being on the right side...
But yet...

Those Ruskies would NEVER let Beyonce on stage at the Country Music Awards. Never!!!

And... You idiots...
Hillary had her own server so she could sell influence, make back room deals, delete emails, do whatever she wanted without archiving it all in the Federal Gubment. No Freedom of Information Act BS would derail her train of corruption and graft. She learned from the Nixon Tapes, didn't she not?
Honestly, what is the other option? She is an idiot?
So stop posting those stupid Facebook memes which build up Trump as a monster and Hillary as a little old lady confused about her email.

You finally convinced me to vote for the moron...


  1. I am sorry to say that I believe you are right. The choice is either extreme right or extreme left.The middle class pays for either as it slowly disappears.

    1. There is no extreme right. Trump is not right wing. His problem is that he is a Democrat from thirty years ago.
      If there was a right winger I'd vote for him or her, Black, Brown, Yellow, Green or Purple. Give me Pat Buchanan or Ron Paul. Actually Ron Paul is more libertarian. Give me Ron Paul...!

  2. I would like to have seen Carson Or Huckabee get it, but even the republicans didn't want a moral man any more than they wanted Trump. Frankly, I like the guy anymore. At least he has a backbone, that's more than any of the other contenders had. But then I went to college for only two years, so the dems think I'm ignorant. Maybe the reps do to, but "at this point, what difference does it make?" - lol

  3. It's an odd turnabout but now we are all on a plane where the pilot hates everyone, has never flown a plane and he doesn't read and he doesn't listen to anyone.

    1. If he accomplishes what he pledged our consumer prices will skyrocket, there will be no workers, Putin will be in his pants, etc. He has no experience. Clinton certainly was an insider but his trail of dirt is far broader. You want to see more dirt wait for Newt to be Secretary of State and Rudy to be Attorney General. Of course I really don't want to talk about either one of them. It's Bernie's fault that we ended up w/ two poor choices.


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