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Monday, May 9, 2016

Mondays part 6

I am putting off going to work.
We are going to be lectured on the care of new lawnmowers. Someone put a chip in the deck of one. Someone broke a blade on another.
I have been given the old lawnmower. I have been admonished not to use it as a street sweeper. Having been caught using it as a street sweeper in a 20 foot experiment and then had it brought up in morning meeting, I spent most of my second mowing day actually using it as street sweeper. Ironically, my mower is the one with the best blade. There are no rocks on a street which is blown off thrice weekly.
In other news. We previewed a couple movies.
Blues Brothers is pretty worn out, has a couple F-bombs which I forgot about, and it appears my Hogan's Heroes purchase should have been better researched. I guess part of the charm is crappy sound, accidental nudity, and Hogan's Heroes episodes which are missing the last ten minutes.
If you wanted perfection you could get a DVD. Freezing your butt off to watch a worn out movie on the side of a barn is much better than sitting on a couch watching it on TV.


  1. "Ironically, my mower is the one with the best blade. There are no rocks on a street which is blown off thrice weekly."
    Probably no use pointing that out to them.

  2. Lectures always made me rebellious:). We used oour lawn mower to blow off the sidewalk on a regular basis..the blade is in good shape...funny thing that? Ahh Hogan's Hero's....

    1. Yeah, it annoyed me so much I vacuumed up the leaves at the side of every road on my section of campus. Took me a lot of time and didn't work all that well but I did it anyway. Now that should pin point my actual age at 16...

  3. As you know, facts have no value to bureaucrats or middle management.

  4. During the summer we have two vice presidents that will run our zero turns; the one that writes the checks has bent a blade/taken out the spindle which takes all the starch out of his complaints when others do the same thing. I had a bent blade already this spring and gave it to the operator as a going away present as he left college for the summer. The VP just smiled and laughed right along cause he knows how easy it is to do that or worse.

  5. How do you get accidental nudity in a Hogan's Heroes episode?


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